Communication to General Audiences

I have experience communicating to general audiences, including lectures, panels, blog posts, and interviews. I have also been quoted in news articles. Many of them, including links to videos or articles, are listed below.

At right is an interview with the Columbia Alumni Association, filmed while I was a postdoc at Columbia University/Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, about why I study atmospheric science, hurricanes, and climate.

Quotes in News Articles
FSU News
"FSU researcher rooting out the errors in storm simulation models". 11 September 2018.
"FSU grad Ryan Smithies hunts hurricanes". 21 October 2019.
"FSU hurricane experts available to provide analysis throughout the season".4 May 2020.
"Greenhouse effect of clouds instrumental in origin of tropical storms". 26 October 2020.
"FSU researcher leads international project on how tropical clouds change with climate". 4 November 2020.
"FSU researchers confirm utility of theory in predicting tropical cyclone intensities". 19 February 2021.
"FSU experts available to comment on extreme weather, link to climate change". 19 February 2021.
"FSU experts available to comment for 2021 hurricane season". 20 April 2021.
"FSU researcher receives early career award from NASA". 10 May 2021.
The Times-Picayune
"In Louisiana - and New York - global warming partly to blame for Hurricane Ida's flooding". 2 September 2021.
"Louisiana hasn't yet recovered from two major hurricanes in 2020. Now another is taking aim". 28 August 2021.
"2020 Was a Record Year for Hurricanes". 10 December 2020.
The Washington Post
"2020 Atlantic hurricane season breaks all-time record while leaving Gulf Coast battered". 10 November 2020.
ClimaCell blog
"The 2020 Hurricane Season Breaks Record For Most Storms Ever" 2 November 2020.
"Research: ’Cloud greenhouse effect’ can help tropical cyclones develop". 28 October 2020.
National Geographic
"Hurricane path forecasts have much improved. Are they as good as they can get?". 23 October 2020.
Tampa Bay Times
"Can hurricanes be prevented - with bubbles?". 7 September 2020.
Science Magazine
"Tales from the storm: how four scientists tracked Hurricane Laura". 28 August 2020.
Tallahassee Democrat
"Canceled Hurricane Hunters cause data blind spots for forecasters during Hurricane Dorian". 13 September 2019.
TCPalm.com/Treasure Coast Newspapers
"Why was Hurricane Dorian so hard to predict?". 6 September 2019.
The Verge
"Today is the last day of the record-smashing 2020 Atlantic hurricane season." 30 November 2020.
"Why Dorian stalled out over the Bahamas". 3 September 2019.
"Rooting out the errors in climate models to better predict hurricanes". 13 September 2018.
"Why the Atlantic Hurricane Season is Suddenly Heating Up". 4 September 2018.
Live Science
"Sorry Toby - Winter Storms Don't Have Names (Except on Cable News)". 21 March 2018.
Princeton University News
"Geophysicists and atmospheric scientists partner to track typhoons' seismic fooprints". 19 February 2018.
"The Now" E-Zine, Liberal Arts and Science Academy of Austin, TX
"Devastation on the Coasts". 6 December 2017.