Juan Carlos Galeano


El desobediente Thoreau dice que “la poesía es la salud del discurso”. Tras esa premisa, me atrevo a señalar que el discurrir poético de Juan Carlos Galeano goza de un saludable equilibrio. Un lenguaje directo y a la vez misterioso... Ir a su poesía es hacer una expedición a un país mítico y solar…

—Juan Manuel Roca

Agradeço-le o envio do seu livro Amazònia, que li com muito interesse. Trata-se de um livro fascinante que nos introudoz no universo mágico da selva com suas árvores, pessoas, animais e lendas. Parece retomar o caminho aberto por Raul Bopp em seu Cobra Norato mas enriqueciendo-o e dando-lhe um toque pessoal…

—Ferreira Gullar

These delightful poems are metamorphoses from an Amazonian Ovid. As in Han Christian Andersen, the inanimate world is friskily animate. Everything is pre-logical, as in the imagination of children, until the wonderful strangeness of it all becomes familiar and we are spellbound.

—Guy Davenport

Historias del viento

Historias del viento. Ibague, Colombia: Caza del Libros, 2013.

A cosmology of the wind as a sentient being in dialogue and interaction with people and the Earth. The poems in this collection portray the wind’s journey through a variety of geographies and world historical and mythical narratives.

Amazonia: Bilingual Edition

Amazonia: Bilingual Edition. Iquitos, Peru: CETA, 2012.

A bilingual collección containing selections from Amazonia (2003), Sobre las cosas (2010) and Yakumama and Other Mythical Beings (2011).

Yakumama (And Other Mythical Beings)

Yakumama (And Other Mythical Beings). Iquitos, Peru: CETA, 2011.

Poems presented in this small collection are a re-mythologization of supernatural animals, plants, and creatures of the Amazon basin.

Sobre las cosas

chapbook cover

Sobre las cosas. Guadalajara: Literalia Editores, 2010.

A small collection of prose poems about everyday objects mixing the common with the bizarre.


Amazonia. Bogotá: Casa de Poesía Silva, 2003.

This book is a poetic representation of the human condition through re-mythologization of various animals, plants, rivers and peoples of the Amazon region in the midst of current physical and cultural transformations taking place in the area.

Baraja Inicial

book cover

Baraja Inicial. Bogotá: Ulrika Editores, 1986.

This book is a collection of short poems written in an imagistic style exploring solitude, urban and rural landscapes and the act of writing.

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