Director: James B. Elsner, Earl and Sofia Shaw Professor of Geography, Florida State University

Research Associate: Dr. Thomas H. Jagger

Climatek, Inc. Providing weather hazard risk assessment to government and industry.

Cique Studios, Ian J. Elsner

Current graduate students

Namyoung Kang, Sarah Strazzo, Holly Widen, Erik Fraza, Tyler Fricker

Student Theses Directed

Robert E. Hodges, Understanding And Predicting The Regional Sun-Hurricane Count Relationship, PhD, 2013.

Jill C. Trepanier, Quantifying Extreme Hurricane Risk in the North Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico , PhD, 2012.

Kelsey N. Scheitlin, Construction and Application of a Spatial Hurricane Climatology , PhD, 2010.

Robert E. Hodges, Evidence of a Solar Influence on U.S.-Affecting Hurricanes, MS, 2009.

Emily A. Fogarty, Network Analysis of Hurricanes Affecting the United States, PhD, 2009.

Jill C. Malmstadt, Pre-Landfall Intensity as Predictor of Economic Loss From Florida Hurricanes, 1900-2007, MS, 2009.

Todd H. Albert, Assessment of Glacier Mass Balances from Small Tropical Glaciers to the Large Ice Sheet of Greenland, PhD, 2007.

Jeff Dickey, Flood Forecasting from Basin Elevation Distribution, PhD, 2006.

Emily A. Fogarty, Variations in Typhoon Landfalls over China, MS, 2004.

Jefferson Wood, Fluctuations in Hurricane Landfall Frequency Along the East Coast of Florida as a Function of Regional Climate Variability, MS, 2004.

Brian H. Bossak, Early 19th Century U.S. Hurricanes: A GIS Tool and Climate Analysis, PhD, 2003.

Ethan J. Gibney, An Assessment of Potential for Economic Loss to Residential Property in United States Coastal Counties from Tropical Cyclones Using a Geographic Information System, MS, 2002.

Bethany Kocher, Tropical Cyclones and the North Atlantic Oscillation, MS, 2000.

Marc Cooper, The Association of Human Activities With Land Degradation in the Republic of Botswana, MS, 2000.

David Whitehead, An Evaluation of Coastal County Hurricane Vulnerability, MS, 1999.

Matthew M. Carter, A Quantitative Precipitation Forecast Experiment for Puerto Rico, PhD, 1999.

Kwan-Yin Kong, Landfall and Post-Landfall Structure of Hurricane Danny and the Possibility of Retrieving Vertical Velocity Profiles from Rawinsonde Soundings, MS, 1999.

Weilin Pan, Fuzzy Neural Approaches to Seasonal Atlantic Hurricane Prediction, MS, 1997 (co-directed with S. Foo).

Todd B. Kimberlain, Baroclinically-Initiated Hurricanes of the North Atlantic Basin, MS, 1996.

Matthew M. Carter, Convective Rainfall Regions in Puerto Rico, MS, 1995.

Jason C. Hess, Improving Seasonal Predictions of Hurricane Activity for the Atlantic Basin, MS, 1994.

Vincent Robert Tino, A Validation of the Industrial Source Complex (ISC2) Dispersion Model in the Kuwaiti Oil Fire Situation, MS, 1992.