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Economics: Private and Public Choice
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PowerPoint Slides To Accompany Economics: Private and Public Choice, 16th edition

Part 6: Applying the Basics: Special Topics in Economics

Special Topic 1: Government Spending and Taxation

Special Topic 2: The Economics of Social Security

Special Topic 3: The Stock Market: Its Function, Performance, and Potential as an Investment Opportunity

Special Topic 4: Keynes and Hayek: Contrasting Views on Sound Economics and the Role of Government

Special Topic 5: The Great Recession of 2008-2009: Causes and Response

Special Topic 6: Lessons from the Great Depression

Special Topic 7: The Economics of Health Care

Special Topic 8: Earnings Differences between Men and Women

Special Topic 9: Do Labor Unions Increase the Wages of Workers?

Special Topic 10: The Question of Resource Exhaustion

Special Topic 11: Difficult Environmental Cases and the Role of Government