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Economics: Private and Public Choice
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PowerPoint Slides To Accompany Economics: Private and Public Choice, 16th edition

Part 3: Core Macroeconomics

Chapter 7: Taking the Nation's Economic Pulse

Chapter 8: Economic Fluctuations, Unemployment, and Inflation

Chapter 9: An Introduction to Basic Macroeconomic Markets

Chapter 10: Dynamic Change, Economic Fluctuations, and the AD-AS Model

Chapter 11: Fiscal Policy: The Keynesian View and the Historical Development of Macroeconomics

Chapter 12: Fiscal Policy, Incentives, and Secondary Effects

Chapter 13: Money and the Banking System

Chapter 14: Modern Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy

Chapter 15: Macroeconomic Policy, Economic Stability, and the Federal Debt

Chapter 16: Creating an Environment for Growth and Prosperity

Chapter 17: Institutions, Policies, and Cross-Country Differences in Income and Growth

Part 4: International Economics

Chapter 18: Gaining from International Trade

Chapter 19: International Finance and the Foreign Exchange Market