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Valerie J. Shute
Ed Psych and Learning Systems

3205G Stone Building 1114 West Call Street, PO Box 3064453 Tallahassee, FL 32306-4453

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phone number 850/644-8785

Some Current Projects

Current IES/NSF work, various research projects (2016-present)

COE Feature Article 2013, various research projects (2011-2013)

Assessing Quest to Learn, MacArthur project (2009-2011)

Formative evaluation of students at Quest to Learn, MacArthur project (2009-2011)

Stealth assessment in Newton's Playground.Gates project (2011-2013)

Download Newton's Playground, Gates project (2011-2013)

Stealth Assessments in Portal 2, MacArthur project (2012-2014)

Working Examples

Working Example 1: ECD for Dummies.
Working Example 2: Assessing 21st Century Skills (Flash file).
Working Example 3: World of Goo.
Working Example 4: Quest to Learn.

Recent Presentations

Keynote at EDM 2013: Stealth Assessment: Why, What, and How (PPTX file).
Webinar: Assessment and Learning (PPTX file).
NCME symposium: When Psychometrics Meets Fun (pdf file).
AERA Debate--Games and Learning Presentation.
AERA Debate--Games and Learning Rebuttal.


My general research interests hover around the design, development, and evaluation of advanced systems to support competencies. I can summarize my body of research in just two words: ENHANCE LEARNING. I've approached this topic from different angles and at different levels across the years, and remain just as enthralled and curious now as I was in graduate school, and earlier. The research questions relating to my topic are boundless and the ramifications can be far-reaching. Some questions I've pursued include: Can playing certain videogames promote higher-order thinking skills? How do personal and social-contextual factors affect academic achievement? and How can we support visually-disabled kids in their math knowledge/skill acquisition? See my publications page for more details.