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Mentorship and Advising

Highlighting Current and Recent Students
Ladanya Ramírez Surmeier is a PhD student in the FSU Sociology program. She is a demographer focusing on the Hispanic population and their diverse assimilation and acculturation patterns. In addition, she is interested in the impact of education on Hispanic mobility. Her Master’s thesis examines whether internegerational upward mobility among Hispanics has differential returns on wellbeing compared to their White and African American counterparts. 
Stephanie Ureña Salas is a recent PhD candidate focusing on social factors that influence population health, with an emphasis on aging and life course, military service, health disparities, and quantitative methods. Her research has been funded by NIH (R36) and the Mildred & Claude Pepper Fellowship. Stephanie is also the ASA Section on Aging & the Life Course student representative and newsletter editor. She currently holds a postdoctoral position at the University of South Carolina.
Stella Min is a recent PhD graduate. She is a demographer and life course researcher focusing on the implications of student loan debt for important adult transitions. She also specializes in advanced quantitative and demographic techniques such as event history and causal estimation models. Her work is funded by the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and the Leslie N. Wilson-Delores Auzenne Assistantship. She is currently a Statistician and Data Scientist for IBM Watson Health.