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Working Papers:

  • Boosey, Luke A., Brookins, Philip and Ryvkin, Dmitry. (2017). "Contests between groups of unknown size,"

  • Boosey, Luke A., Isaac, R. Mark, Norton, Doug and Stinn, Joseph. (2017). "Eliciting contributor types in repeated public goods experiments,"
    Under Revision.

Work in Progress:

  • Reciprocity and the timing of discretionary bonuses (with Sebastian J. Goerg)

  • Team production with leader-determined monitoring and allocation of proceeds (with Abhijit Ramalingam and R. Mark Isaac)

  • Disclosure in endogenous entry contests (with Philip Brookins and Dmitry Ryvkin)

  • An experiment on participation in equity compensation programs (with John Hamman and Sebastian J. Goerg)

  • Group identity, first impressions, and relational contracts, (with Ted Dischman)

  • Voluntary sharing and contribution networks in public goods games, (with Philip Solimine)

  • Contests, networks, and externalities, (with Chris Brown)