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FSU Plankton Ecology and

Biogeochemistry Lab

This webpage is intended to introduce the general public to our research.  Oceanographers should visit our research page for scientists.


In the FSU zooplankton ecology and biogeochemistry lab, we study the interactions between organisms, their environment, and global biogeochemical cycles in oceans around the world.  Our projects take us from coastal regions so the center of the Pacific Ocean and from the tropical regions to Antarctic waters.  We have ongoing research projects looking at a wide variety of planktonic organisms from single-celled protists to meter-long salp chains.  Our research combined extensive fieldwork to quantify biogeochemical rates or to incubate live organisms for trophic studies.  We also make use of foodweb models to characterize the ecosystem and three-dimensional coupled ecosystem models designed to predict food limitation for larval fish.  To learn about some of our specific projects, please click on the links below.  This webpage is still under construction, so visit us later to learn more.


This portion of our website is specifically designed as outreach to the general public.  If you are a scientist look for details about our research, please click on the red 'For Scientists' link on the top right.


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