Useful Research/Data Sites

Center for the Study of Democratic Performance, Florida State University
Centre for Democratic Institutions, Australian National University
Center for the Study of Democracy, University of Califormia, Irvine
Network of Democratic Research Institutes

The Polity IV Project
Unified Democracy Scores
The Institutions and Elections Project (at Binghamton University)
The Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (at U. of Michigan)
DataGob (Governance Indicators Dataset, at the InterAmerican Development Bank)
Psephos (Election Statistics from 175 Countries)
Contestation and Inclusiveness (nealy all countreis from 1950-2000)
The Quality of Government Institute
Roper Center for Public Opinion Research
IMF Data

Collaborative Project on "Providing an Infrastructure for Research on Electoral Democracy in the European Union"
CQ Politics: US Presidential Primaries

The Legal Regulation of Political Parties in Post-War Europe

Asian Barometer
Korean National Election Commission
Korean National Statistical Website
The survey of the Korean National Assembly persons’ ideological self-placement scores [from 0 (progressive) to 10 (conservative), 252 members from the 16th NA (2000-2004) and 226 members from the 17th NA (2004-2008)] can be found in Joongang Ilbo February 4, 2002; Newsweek Korean Edition November 19, 2003; Joongang Ilbo August 31, 2004.

Center for Asian Democracy, University of Louiville
Korea Economic Institute
동북아 역사재단
한반도 미래재단

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