Resources for Conducting Research and Writing Papers


Print Guides to Writing a Research Paper
    Short and to the point advice for first-time writers on how to structure a college-level argument.

          William Kelleher Storey, Writing History (Oxford University Press, 2003)

    More Detailed Guides for More Advanced Writers
          Anthony Brundage, Going to the Sources: A Guide to Historical Research and Writing (Harlan Davidson, 2002)
          Martha Howell and Walter Prevenier, From Reliable Sources (Cornell Univ. Press, 2001) 
          Kate L. Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, 6th ed. (Univ. of Chicago Press, 1996)          


Online Guide to Citation methods:

Listing of Materials in Strozier Library and on the Web for Research in British History
      This list is continuously updated in conjunction with the research librarians at Strozier Library.

Multimedia Timeline of British History: Created by the British Library, contains an extensive collection
of primary source document images and commentary. More for education than research, but very well done. 

Basic Timelines of British History:
        Timeline of Modern British History (1495 to 1950)
        Timeline of Nineteenth-Century British History (1783-1914)


Research Databases for Visual Images:

        Image database of the National Portrait Gallery - Search more than 12,000 records from the collections

        of the National Portrait Gallery.


        Image database of the British Museum -



Research Database for Film

        Yorkshire Film Archive – Contains hundreds of films reflecting Yorkshire life, landscape and

        culture from the 1890s to the present day


Some Useful Links for Those Interested in British History
        NACBS – North American Conference on British Studies
        H-Net (Featuring the H-Albion Discussion Group on British History)
        IHR - Institute of Historical Research (London)
        Online Gallery of the British Library (excellent rotating exhibits)
        BBC NEWS
        The Guardian
        The Economist    

For Graduate Students

Comprehensive guide to Funding Sources for the study of British history,

maintained by the North American Conference on British Studies.


This wiki keeps updated information of Current Job Searches

in academic disciplines.  Look under the "AHA Fields"

Accomidations in the United Kingdom: This website, maintained by the
webmaster of the North American Conference on British Studies, has extensive
information, regularly updated.

Guide to Planning a Research Trip to the United Kingdom:

Regularly updated by the webmaster of the Victoria Research Web, this site

contains a great deal of useful information. The guide to dorm rooms

for summer research trips is especially useful for inexpensive stays.


Guides to Planning Your Trip to Archives
The American Historical Association’s (AHA) ArchivesWiki:

The London School of Economics hosts Archives Made Easy. This serves the

global research community by providing transparency of the costs and

processes involved in an archive visit - the kind of information

researchers need to know beforehand in order to avoid

costly mistakes and delays.


British Scholar: An alternative / complement to the North American

Conference on British Studies with a greater emphasis on the Empire

and the period from 1688 to present.


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