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This is a beta release of the Discussion Analysis Tool (DAT) for sequentially analyzing patterns in event sequences, generating transitional state diagrams to map, identify, and analyze patterns observed in social and human-computer interactions, processes, and/or other complex, dynamic procedural tasks. This tool is intended for researchers (see example studies), instructional designers, and human performance experts.

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Main menu
Enter codes
Enter code sequences
Transitional probability matrix & output
Drawing state diagrams
Example state diagram
Tally number of replies elicited per message
Minimum Software Requirements: MS Excel with Macro security set at low or medium level

Download:   DAT.xls (434k) Excel 2006 or earlier |   DAT 1.986.xlsm for Excel 2007+

Possible features in upcoming versions:

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Main Menu


Define Code Sheet


Code Sequence Entry Sheet


Transitional Probability Matrix and Outputs


Draw Diagram Menu


State Diagram Output

Tally number of responses elicited per given message

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