Svetlana Pevnitskaya

Associate Professor of Economics
Department of Economics
Bellamy Building 272
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL 32306-2180

Office: (850) 645-1525
Fax: (850) 644-4535

Office Hours: by appointment

On sabbatical during 2013-2014: visiting Department of Economics, Stanford University


Research Interests:

Applied Microeconomic Theory, Auctions, Game Theory, Experimental and Behavioral Economics


Experimental Social Science at FSU:

xs/fs labs

Institute for Energy Systems, Economics and Sustainability :


Selected papers:

An Initial Implementation of the Turing Tournament to Learning in Repeated Two Person Games, with Jasmina Arifovic and Richard McKelvey - Games and Economics Behavior, 2006, 57, (1), 93-122
Endogenous Entry and Self-selection in Private Value Auctions: An Experimental Study, with Thomas Palfrey - Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2008, 66, 731-747 (earlier version of this paper is Caltech Social Science Working Paper No.1172, 2003)
Survival Auctions, with John Kagel and Lixin Ye - Economic Theory, 2007, Vol.33, No 1, pp.103-119
Endogenous Entry in First-Price Private Value Auctions: the Self-Selection Effect,
Indicative Bidding: An Experimental Analysis, with John Kagel and Lixin Ye - Games and Economic Behavior, 2008, 62, 697-721
Bidder Behavior in Sealed Bid Auctions Where the Number of Bidders is Unknown, with Mark Isaac and Kurt Schnier
Do Preferences for Charitable Giving Help Auctioneers?, with Mark Isaac and Tim Salmon, Experimental Economics, forthcoming
Rewards and Punishments in Bargaining, with Dmitry Ryvkin
Locus of Control in Reward and Punishment Decisions, with Dmitry Ryvkin

Selected Work in Progress:

Effect of Beliefs, Risk Preferences and Probability Perception on Bidding in Auctions
An Experimental Investigation of Economic Incentives in Environmental Conservation, Sustainability and Renewable Energy, with Dmitry Ryvkin
Impact of Seller Reputation in Ascending Auctions, with Alexey Ravichev
A Study of Thoroughbred Auctions, with Caroline Betts and Ergin Bayrak
Effect of Feedback in First Price Auctions, with Sean Collins


Auctions and Markets (Ph.D.)
Experimental Economics (Ph.D.)
Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
Game Theory
Microeconomic Theory II (Ph.D.)
Experimental Economics Reading Group