1885 Wakulla County Mortality Schedule

Schedule 5 -Persons who died in the year ending May 31, 1885 in county of Wakulla

state of Florida, enumerated by me, H. H. Walker Enumerator.

Name                House#  Age    Sex   Col   Mar   Where born            Month    Occupation    Disease                  Yrs    Doctor

                                             Stat       1     2     3     Death                                           Res



Fitzgerald, Nancy           75     F     W     W       Ire    Ire    Ire   Dec                    Old age                  14     None

Hall, Cilia                 58     F     B     W       VA    VA    VA      Oct                    Effects of burn          30     None

Raker, Mary J.              28     F     W     M       GA    GA    GA      May                    Child birth              25     J.E. Laird

Heathers, H.C.              2      F     B             FL    FL    FL      Jul                                                    

Stephens, Eliza     77      37     F     W     M       AL    GA    GA      Jan                                             16     None

Dugger, Merriam     78      75     F     W     W       NC    NC    NC      Feb                    General debility         36     J.E. Laird

Green, T.F.         99      63     M     W     M       SC    SC    SC      Dec      Farmer        Apoplexy                 54     J.E. Laird

Green, B.C.         99      6      M     W             FL    SC    SC      Sep                    Enlargement of  glands          J.E. Laird

Gray, Martha        120     5/30   F     W             FL    GA    GA      Jun                                                    

Cox, Ada C.         145     5      F     W             FL    ??    FL      Jul                    Inflamation Bowels              Dr. Gullett

Johnson, Maria      156     2/12   F     B             FL           FL     Oct                                                    

Laird, B.F.         184     62     M     W     M       GA                  Nov      Farm work     Pneumonia                19     None

Hargrett, Fannie    166     75     F     B             NC    NC    NC      Apr                                                    None

Jackson, Hardy      216     57     M     B                                 Oct      Farm work                                     None

Ferrell             231     2/12   M     W             FL    GA    FL      Mar                                                    J.E. Laird

Mercer, Rosanna     244     36     F     B     M       FL                  Nov      Farm work                              35     None

Butler, Erline      264     53     F     W     M       GA    GA    GA      Apr                                                    J.E. Laird

Anderson, Mary E.   289     27     F     W     S       FL    SC    GA      Jan                    Consumption                     Dr. Gullett & J.E. Laird

Powell, M.J.        290     29     F     W     M       FL    SC    SC      Apr                    Inflamation Womb                J.E. Laird

Pigott, Mattie      303     11     F     W                                 Mar                    Heart disease                   J.E. Laird

Reynolds, Nancy     305     38     F     W     W       SC    SC     SC     Apr                    Rheumatism                      J.E. Laird

Crum, Zilphia       304     17     F     W     M       GA    VA    GA      Dec                    Dropsy                          J.E. Laird

Hill, (no name)     319     8/30   F     B             FL    GA    AL      Jul                                                    None

Miller, Emmaline    328     1      F     B             FL    FL    FL      Mar                                                    None

Benton, Mary J.     346     40     F     W     M       SC    SC    SC      Mar                                                    None

Oliver, M.J.        371     35     F     W     M       FL    SC    FL      Nov                    Pneumonia                       Dr. Moore

Leavy, Jno. L.      382     10     M     W             FL    FL    FL      Mar                    Typhoid feaver                  Dr. Leonard

Gilchrist, L.R.             45     M     W     M       FL    SC    SC      Nov      Farmer                                        J.E. Laird

Hughes, Alice C.    2       1      F     W             FL    AL    FL      Jul                    Bilious fever            1      

Ham, David          3       1      M     W             FL    FL    FL      Jul                    Bilious fever            1      J.E. Laird

McWilliams, J.R.    4       80     M     W     M       SC    SC    SC      Nov      Farmer        Decsef ?                        

Revell, Mary        5       36     F     W     M       FL                  Aug                    Dropsy                          

Roddenbery, Jane    6       20     F     W     S       FL    NC    NC      Aug                    Dropsy                          

Ham, David          7       70     M     W     M       GA    GA    GA      May      Ferryman      Apoplexy                        

Anderson, J.R.              28     M     W     M       FL    GA    GA      Jun      Farmer        Consumption                     

Vickers, Mayfisc ?          3/12   M     W             FL    FL    FL      Jul                    Bilious fever                   

Remarks: The water is generally limestone. The soil is light & sandy and in many places 

filled or littered with limerock. Long leaf yellow pine is the general growth 

only with in hammocks where the white oak & hickory and the magnolia bay are very 

plentiful and swamps abound in the spontaneous growth of cabbage palmeto. Lime & murl 

are the natural fertilizers in the county.


Slaves were listed only by first name. They have been shown 

seperately for the purpose of sorting by name.

Age is shown in one of three ways, as years, days/30, or months/12

1 name

2 age

3 sex

4 color, white, black, mulato

5 Free / slave

6 married, widowed

7 place of birth (1 this person, 2 person's father, 3 person's mothers)

8 month in which person died

9 occupation

10 cause of death

11 Days ill, c= continous ???

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