1850 Wakulla County Mortality Schedule

Persons who died in the year ending 1st June 1850 in entirecounty of Wakulla

state of Florida, enumerated by me, Simon A. Braswell Ass't Marshal

Name                Age    Sex  Color   Free  Mar   Where   Month  Occupation  Disease            Days

                                        Slav  Wid   Born    Death                                 Ill

Bateman, Charles    40     M                  M     France         Sailor      Pleurisy           7

Daughtry, Sarah W.  43     F                  M     GA      Jul                Iriseplis          4

Giles, Ansel Rowel  3      M                        SC      Nov                Bowel infection    3

Lewis, Tabitha      35     F                  M     NC      May                Congestive fever   2

Page, Samuel M.     4/12   M                        FL      May                Fever              8

Reeves, Solomon     50     M                  M     IL      Feb    Farmer      Piles              C

Roberts, Julia      1      F                        FL      Jul                Fever              2

Roberts, Sarah      7      F                        FL      Apr                Worms              Sudden

Roddenberry, Sarah  32     F                  M     GA      Apr                Fever              10

Williams, William   27     M                  M     NC      Nov    Laborer     fever              30

Elvina              1      F    M       S           FL      Nov                Diarrhea           C

Frank               2/12   M    B       S           FL      Apr                Smothered          Sudden

Moses               80     M    B       S           SC      Apr                Apoplexy           Sudden

Richmond            6/12   M    B       S           FL      Aug                Teething           30

Rose                25     F    B       S           Ga      Unk                Aff?? Lung         14

Smith               1/12   M    B       S           FL      Nov                Worms              6

Spincer             9      M    B       S           FL      Apr                Dropsy             C

Thiopilus           17     M    B       S           FL      Mar                Dropsy             C

Remarks: The water is generally limestone. The soil is light & sandy and in many places 

filled or littered with limerock. Long leaf yellow pine is the general growth 

only with in hammocks where the white oak & hickory and the magnolia bay are very 

plentiful and swamps abound in the spontaneous growth of cabbage palmeto. Lime & murl 

are the natural fertilizers in the county.


Slaves were listed only by first name. They have been shown 

seperately for the purpose of sorting by name.

Age is shown in one of three ways, as years, days/30, or months/12

1 name

2 age

3 sex

4 color, white, black, mulato

5 Free / slave

6 married, widowed

7 place of birth

8 month in which person died

9 occupation

10 cause of death

11 Days ill, c= continous ???

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	Revised 20 Apr 2012	
	Ron Thompson