Whiddon Lake Cemetery, Wakulla County, Florida

NAME                            BIRTH          DEATH         NOTES

Allen, R.C.                   07/04/1861     07/06/1913    It was hard indeed to part with thee but Christ's strong arm supported me
Alley, John C.                09/02/1961     04/01/1986    Jesus gives me peace of mind Great-Grandson of M.H. Braswell
Andrews, Georgan              09/28/1878     02/27/1909    At rest
Andrews, Joe M.               05/10/1899     06/20/1957    
Andrews, John Mitchell        08/16/1858     02/25/1935    Rest Father rest in quiet sleep while friends in sorrow o'er thee weep
Andrews, L.F.                 01/08/1865     11/03/1945    
Andrews, Mary Eliza Stockley  09/26/1871     02/01/1939    Rest Mother rest in quiet sleep while friends in sorrow o'er thee weep
Andrews, Roosevelt            06/12/1906     08/24/1973    
Arnold, Mattie Drucella       08/29/1898     08/17/1989    wife of Robert Wilton
Arnold, Robert Wilton         06/19/1892     05/17/1978    husband of Mattie Drucella
Barwick, Addie Mae Shields    11/11/1915     06/14/1993    
Benton, Baby                  1953                         only date listed
Benton, Curtis Lee            1924           1976          Father husband of Faye M. Military Marker PFC US Army World War II
Benton, Faye M.               1929                         Mother wife of Curtis Lee
Braswell, Elvey               04/20/1841     12/27/1906    None knew thee but to love thee
Braswell, Henry H.            08/26/1845     06/20/1916    This tribute is a _______ to his memory for his many virtues
Braswell, Lamar               08/06/1903     01/06/1976    He lived his Bible
Braswell, Meredith H.         09/05/1882     03/19/1949    While we have time let us do good
Bratcher, Woodrow W.          10/18/1921     07/20/1939    At Rest
Brownlee, Charles R.          1924           1971          husband of Pauline R.
Brownlee, Pauline R.                                       wife of Charles R. funeral home marker says 1921-1980
Clenny, Pauline               03/27/1944     06/20/1993    Rest in Peace
Coleman, Alice Claudia        12/27/1893     12/04/1979    Mother Wife of Norman Edgar
Coleman, Claudia              1893           1979          
Coleman, Infant               1940           1940          Son of Mr. & Mrs. J.(?) Coleman
Coleman, J.C.                 06/13/1859     03/16/1927    Gone but not forgotten
Coleman, Jennie Pelt          09/20/1862     01/22/195?    Gone home
Coleman, John Dale            1941           1951          
Coleman, Noah Harper          10/17/1920     12/14/1968    Florida USNR World War II
Coleman, Norman Edgar         09/06/1889     04/21/1965    Father Husband of Alice Claudia Gone to a brighter home where grief cannot come
Coleman, Terry D.             1943           1943          
Core, Attis P.                10/12/1892     05/01/1961    At rest
Core, Nellie                  04/26/1899     07/15/1989    At rest
Core, Ola Spears              03/13/1896     01/29/1919    Twas hard to give thee up  But thy will O'God be done.
Council, Mary Frances         10/22/1925     10/07/1993    In loving memory
Crawford, Fannie S.           1905           1980          wife of Henry L.
Crawford, Henry L.            1893           1973          husband of Fannie S.
Crawford, Laura Susan         1951           1965          
Crawford, Mattie S.           1894           1964          
Crum, Alice Fay               07/18/1945     01/04/1989    
Crum, Douglas Keith           02/09/1996     08/10/1996    Beloved Son of Amy Kilgore and David Crum
Davis, Annie D.               12/22/1886     01/03/1919    In Memoriam Woodman Circle
                                                           Tho' you dead but not forgotten I often have to cry its
                                                           only a short time by your side I shall lie
Davis, Clark J.               03/10/1929     06/14/1974    A loving father much missed, loved and remembered always
Davis, Clifford J.            10/13/1916     05/22/1988    
Duggar, J.B.                  03/22/1862     12/13/1904    Erected by the Woodmen of the World
Eubanks, Infant               01/16/1912     01/16/1912    Daughter of A.M. & Ruby Eubanks
                                                           Our darling one hath gone before to greet us on the
                                                           blissful shore
Eubanks, Maggie J.            12/24/1888     12/09/1930    
Eubanks, Wilson R.            03/17/1876     09/27/1943    
Evans, Randolph               03/20/1920     03/19/1959    
Evans, Riley                  06/16/1918                   Florida
                                                           PVT. 53 INF. 6 DIV
                                                           (May be same as Ivins, Riley)
Exum, Bessie                  1902           1993          wife of Hansel
Exum, Hansel                  1907           1971          husband of Bessie
Fisher, Linda Ann Morris      10/12/1947     09/11/1977    Our beautiful honest person
                                                           We love you
Gilles, Rebecca S.            1909           1939          
Glover, Elisha Lawrence       07/20/1905     10/31/1971    Son
Glover, Janie Joiner          04/14/1910     07/13/1993    
Gossett, Frances Cornelia     11/08/1865     01/28/1934    Wife of William Benjamin
Gossett, William Benjamin     07/04/1864     03/20/1934    Husband of Frances Cornelia
Gowdy, A.                     1896           1897          
Gowdy, A.L.                   09/13/1893     04/20/1982    husband of Lula C.   m 01/14/1917
Gowdy, Gertrude               1912           1976          wife of Grover C.
Gowdy, Grover C.              1898           1984          husband of Gertrude
Gowdy, Infant                 1906                         no other dates Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J.B. Gowdy
Gowdy, J.B.                   05/31/1861     04/03/1928    husband of Mary Minnie
Gowdy, Lula C.                03/23/1899     10/22/1973    wife of A.L.   m 01/14/1917
Gowdy, Marie C.               01/29/1949     09/26/1981    
Gowdy, Mary Minnie            10/17/1870     05/17/1941    wife of J.B.
Graves, Ada                   03/25/1909     04/08/1997    wife of David M.
Graves, David M.              11/01/1886     08/29/1976    husband of Ada
Gray, Addie Arnold            07/24/1899     10/17/1932    Gone but not forgotten
Gray, Maggie                  05/27/1891     11/08/1927    Mother    Asleep in Jesus
Gray, Perry E.                12/06/1887     12/17/1948    The hours part us, but they bring us together again
Gray, Robert                  04/11/1861     10/12/1937    At rest
Green, Amos                   1931           1984          Husband of Eula M.   Thy will be done
Green, Benjamin Franklin      08/17/1854     07/09/1952    If Father dear is in angel's care, may his loved one's meet him there
Green, Emma                   08/23/1869     11/01/1941    If Mother dear is in angel's care, may his loved one's meet him there
Green, Eula M.                1932                         Wife of Amos   Thy will be done
Green, Fred F.                07/27/1888     03/09/1976    married 04/07/1910  Husband of Pearl P.
Green, Oliver Reid            07/14/1907     08/21/1970    Florida  PVT CO A 120 ENGR CBT BN  World War II
Green, Pearl P.               08/22/1885     03/12/1972    married 04/07/1910   Wife of Fred F.
Greene, Cora L.               04/13/1921                   
Greene, James K.              07/01/1915                   
Greene, Jerry W.              01/25/1942     01/15/1971    
Hicks, William Allen          03/01/1907     09/30/1961    Father
Homan, Norma A.               1924           1982          wife of Virgil C.
Homan, Virgil C.              1918                         husband of Norma A.
Ivey, Daisy Spears            11/21/1906     07/08/1997    
Ivins, Riley                  04/12/1890     06/16/1918    At Rest  (May be same as Evans, Riley)
Jones, Qumont                 03/22/1922     04/14/1984    
Kinsey, David Edwin           12/15/1974     10/28/1991    Patricia M. Stokeley
                                                           For God so loved David
                                                           that he gave his only begotten son, that if he believes in
                                                           him he will not perish but have ever lasting life John 3:16
                                                           David is a child of our Heavenly King(On Bark of Marker)
                                                           David is the best brother that I could ever have. Love Daniel
Lamar, Steve                  10/29/1986     12/08/1986    Heart Shaped stone with Angel   WIS HAM III
Lilliston, Thomas Malcom Jr.  08/10/1894     12/19/1957    
Linzy, Amy Green              12/01/1912                   wife of Ross L.    m 12/30/1928
Linzy, Nathan Leo             12/03/1933     10/13/1990    husband of Patricia Joan   m 11/2/1957
                                                           A loving and devoted husband and father a wise and gentle friend
Linzy, Patricia Joan          04/20/1939                   wife of Nathan Leo    m 11/2/1957
Linzy, Ross L.                01/26/1907     08/08/1992    husband of Amy Green   m 12/30/1928
Long, Eunice G.               12/14/1917                   wife of Wallace W.
Long, Wallace W.              10/13/1917     08/23/1979    husband of Eunice G.    m 03/12/1944  US Army marker
Mathers, Andrew Patterson     03/09/1894     05/05/1963    husband of Nellie Alma   Asleep in Jesus
Mathers, Broward C.           02/18/1925     01/27/1974    
Mathers, Dorothy C.           11/05/1935     07/29/1970    A loving wife and mother
Mathers, Dovie Doris          06/28/1920     11/29/1975    
Mathers, Fannie               12/20/1898     04/28/1960    wife of Paul   At rest in Christ
Mathers, Infant               12/28/1918     01/08/1919    gone to be with Angels   Son of AP and Nellie
Mathers, Infant               01/12/1935                   no other dates   At rest with Jesus    Son of Grady and Myrtice
Mathers, John W.              10/06/1868     01/13/1949    He was steadfast and unmovable in his devotion to God.
Mathers, Lannie G.            11/01/1912     08/14/1995    
Mathers, Mattie Emilylee      05/24/1872     04/09/1962    Gone but not forgotten
Mathers, Mrs. Florence        07/06/1871     02/12/1900    Jesus has taken our wife and mother to dwell on that
                                                           beautiful shore but we'll meet you some day Mother to be
                                                           with you forever more.
Mathers, Nellie Alma          01/06/1898     11/23/1988    wife of Andrew Patterson
Mathers, Paul                 12/13/1891     08/19/1975    husband of Fannie    At rest in Christ
Mathers, Rhuben Murray        03/15/1959     06/15/1986    God needed an angel   Long poem on slab.
Mathers, Rosey Etta           10/27/1910     03/08/1970    
Mathers, Troy L.              02/10/1917     02/08/1958    Military Stone   Florida PFC  320 Infantry   World War II
Mathers, William C.           01/04/1920     02/25/1969    
McCabe, Peggy                 10/01/1946     01/04/1997    
McCallister, A. Gregory       11/20/1885     03/15/1958    Husband of Freeda L.
McCallister, Alma                            07/20/1901    Age 16(?) yrs. 5 mo. 20 days   Asleep with Jesus
McCallister, Edith Core       10/23/1887     03/29/1958    In Memoriam Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle
McCallister, Ethel            09/03/1886     07/19/1909    Wife of A.G. McCallister    The lost to sight in memory dear
McCallister, Freeda L.        03/10/1896     08/30/1988    Wife of A. Gregory
McCallister, Garlinda         10/30/1861     03/13/1932    Mother   A devoted wife and mother
McCallister, Harb G.          01/14/1919     10/07/1921    
McCallister, Henry H.         10/03/1859     12/28/1950    Life's work well done   He rests in peace
McCallister, Infant                                        no dates
                                                           Infant of Mr. & Mrs. H.H. McCallister    At Rest with the Angels
McCallister, Infant                                        no dates
                                                           Infant of Mr. & Mrs. H.H. McCallister
                                                           At Rest with the Angels
McCallister, Infant                                        no dates
                                                           Infant of Mr. & Mrs. H.H. McCallister   At Rest with the Angels
McCallister, Infant           07/17/1922     07/17/1922    Of Mr. & Mrs. A.G. McCallister
McCallister, John                                          Woodmen of the World Memorial
McCallister, K.C. (Jim)       07/16/1905     07/22/1966    In his will is our peace
McCallister, Mary M.          04/02/1859     03/13/1913    She was the sunshine of our home
McCallister, Polly E.         07/04/1905     06/28/1992    At rest
McCallister, Shelton          07/06/1887     10/03/1926    
McCallister, Thomas           07/04/1890     09/01/1929    Join the Church at the year of his death
McCallister, Thomas           05/20/1861     04/17/1921    Woodmen of the World Memorial
McCallister, Viva A. Core     09/28/1896     10/17/1917    At rest
McCranie, Glenn Hilton        02/12/1894     07/19/1970    Father   husband of Minnie Ola
McCranie, Minnie Ola          04/12/1894     09/04/1974    Mother   wife of Glenn Hilton
McGougan, Myrtice A.          05/06/1921     05/02/1995    wife of Tom Neal   m 10/22/1937
                                                           verse: Remember friends, as you pass by
                                                           As you are now so once was I
                                                           As I am now so you will be
                                                           Prepare for death and follow me.
McGougan, Tom Neal            10/20/1917                   husband of Myrtice A.    m 10/22/1937
Miller, Fannie Baker          04/05/1891     07/26/1938    
Miller, Fannie M.             04/05/1891     07/26/1938    heaven now retains our treasure
                                                           Earth the Lonely Casket keeps
                                                           And the Sunbeams long to linger
                                                           Where my sainted mother sleeps. by daughter X.V.
Miller, Joseph H.             1897           1961          
Moore, Annie C. Pigott        10/14/1867     02/20/1948    wife of Junior L.    m 09/01/1887
                                                           United in life and death   Resting in heavenly peace
Moore, Frankie Lee Sutton     10/25/1891     05/26/1978    wife of Stephen Leaston
Moore, Junior L.              09/23/1868     02/05/1948    husband of Annie C. Pigott    m 09/01/1887
                                                           United in life and death   Resting in heavenly peace
Moore, Stephen Leaston        02/11/1889     10/04/1966    husband of Frankie Lee Sutton
Moore, Stephen Leaston, Jr.   11/19/1919     10/03/1982    Military Marker  US Army   World War II
Morgan, Stephanie Renee       09/22/1989     03/01/1991    Daughter of Deanna Morgan
                                                           A little angel that God loaned to us for a little while
                                                           has gone to where little angels go, but not alone-she
                                                           carried our hearts with her
                                                           God hath no greater angel than our Stephanie, whom he
                                                           placed in our hearts
Morris, George W.             11/04/1889     07/02/1948    husband of Mary Merritt
Morris, John H.               10/14/1923     04/06/1985    Husband of Vera E.
Morris, Mary Merritt          10/07/1901     10/07/1988    wife of George W.
Morris, Vera E.               10/21/1925     11/25/1996    Wife of John H.    We love you and miss you Mom
Moss, W.                      1848           1936          
Oakes, Hugh D.                01/30/1883     03/29/1976    husband of Myrtle L.
                                                           When he the Spirit of truth is come
                                                           He will guide you into all truth
Oakes, Myrtle L.              03/07/1891     10/07/1975    wife of Hugh D.
                                                           When he the Spirit of truth is come
                                                           He will guide you into all truth
Oaks, Albert T.                                            can't read dates
Oaks, Alton Columbus          04/08/1913     01/15/1989    
Oaks, Broward                 1904           1905          
Oaks, Columbus Napoleon       01/04/1872     10/17/1919    
Oaks, Elvie Lavonia           12/23/1882     01/08/1919    
Oaks, Larissa H.              1948           1962          
Oaks, Mattie Lee              1913           1976          wife of Theodore E.
Oaks, Phillip                 1901           1902          
Oaks, Raymond Clayton         09/09/1916     03/13/1989    
Oaks, Sally Thomas            08/31/1874     05/20/1956    wife of William Harrison
Oaks, Theodore E.             1907           1994          husband of Mattie Lee
Oaks, William Harrison        03/18/1877     11/30/1912    husband of Sally Thomas
Odom, Annie Bell              1900           1993          Homemade cement marker
Odom, James M.                03/12/1894     02/22/1965    
Overstreet, Wanda McCranie    04/17/1914     11/29/1984    daughter of Minnie and Glenn Hilton
Pelt, Margaret C.             08/22/1917                   Mama   wife of Robert L.
Pelt, Robert L.               06/18/1918     01/09/1990    Daddy   husband of Margaret C.    Military Marker   TEC5 US Army
Perkins, Alma Beatrice        02/04/1917     07/01/1975    
Pigott, Infant                1928                         no other dates    Son of Mr. & Mrs. C.K. Pigott
Pigott, Thurza Raker          04/05/1868     03/05/1931    Gone to be with Jesus
Pittman, Ruby                 09/03/1910     12/02/1977    In Memory of    Wife of George Pittman
Pridgeon, Junior                                           No dates   Gone to be with the Angels
Pridgeon, Paul                                             No dates    Gone to be with the Angels
Raker, Burdell                04/09/1942     05/28/1987    Brother
Raker, Charlie Q.             11/20/1915     01/25/1978    Father   Charlie Quintus Raker  PVT. US ARMY   World War II
Raker, Dossie Strickland      10/27/1891     12/13/1974    Wife of Herbert DeLue
Raker, Edna McCallister       01/08/1881     12/08/1922    In memory of our mother
Raker, Ethel Estelle          03/02/1895     02/14/1987    I will meet you there   wife of Robert Matthew   m 2/17/1910
Raker, Florida C.             07/13/1897     01/27/1938    wife of Lawrence H.
Raker, Helen F                03/16/1923     09/18/1989    In Loving Memory
Raker, Herbert DeLue          04/06/1887     12/18/1939    Husband of Dossie Strickland
Raker, Jessie Lou             03/06/1925                   Mother  wife to John Kent m 6/3/1939
Raker, John Kent              10/16/1920     01/21/1996    Father  husband to Jessie Lou m 6/3/1939   Military Marker
Raker, Lawrence H.            06/13/1884     02/11/1955    husband of Florida C.
Raker, Lee Matthew            04/13/1920     02/22/1956    Gone but not forgotten
Raker, Lenora Stokely         02/17/1910     12/05/1997    Wife of Quintus Dalton
Raker, Love                   11/09/1869     02/20/1950    Ere sorrow had tainted
                                                           Its innocent love
                                                           Its spirit was sainted
                                                           by angels above
Raker, Minnie Lee             02/07/1896     10/20/1986    
Raker, Noah Robert            09/30/1901     05/03/1968    
Raker, Quintus Dalton         04/30/1910     11/14/1958    Husband of Lenora Stokely
Raker, Robert Mathew          07/02/1889     05/13/1981    Gone to be with Jesus   husband of Ethel Estelle   m 2/17/1910
Raker, Susie M.               07/13/1891     02/21/1931    To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die
Raker, Vira Lee               03/24/1920     10/29/1994    Mother
Rawls, John C.                09/07/1914     03/17/1995    Grandpa    husband of Louise Miller    m 03/31/1939
Rawls, Louise Miller          11/13/1915                   Grandma    wife of John C.   m 03/31/1939
Rayburn, Amanda               03/08/1860     06/21/1938    Rest in the arms of Jesus
Rayburn, Ruben                06/15/1854     12/10/1937    Asleep in Jesus
Reaves, Blanche Rochelle      02/25/1918     08/23/1981    Heart Shaped Pink granite stone    We love you "your boys"
Reeves, Asa Steve             1904           1955          
Reeves, Daniel Marion         09/11/1901     04/12/1954    Florida CMOMM USNR   World War II
Reeves, Lillie Beatrice       10/05/1911     03/11/1984    Her end was peace
Reeves, Marion C.             1876           1961          husband of Rebecca B.
                                                           Thy shall dwell in the house o& the UqqT9þosåver
Reeves, Rebecca B.            1876           1948          wife of Marion C. Thy shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever 	
Reeves, Wesley L.             1940            1970	 	
Rehwinkel, Annie L.           07/12/1920     08/15/1990    
Rehwinkel, Charles A.         11/16/1930     06/24/1973    Fla. Sgt. US Air Force   Korea-Vietnam
Roberts, Chad T.              1985           1997          No stone yet
Roberts, Floyd P.             07/18/1925     04/15/1987    Heart Shaped Stone
Sapp, Edward D.               10/11/1921     07/28/1994    US Army  MSgt US Air Force  World War II  Korea
Schmidt, Fritz                08/31/1895     07/13/1974    
Schmidt, Lina                 03/28/1895     01/29/1982    
Shields, Willard Timothy      08/17/1946     03/23/1982    (Photo) "Our love goes with you and our souls wait to join you"
Singletary, Nathaniel         1844           1926          
Smith, Claribel W.            07/16/1910     12/23/1949    The dead in christ are surely blest For they partake his heavenly rest.
Smith, Hayden T.              1916                         Father  Husband of Hester R.
Smith, Hester R.              1920                         Mother  Wife of Hayden T.
Sparkman, Infant              1952                         only date on marker
Sparkman, Johnnie N.          1922           1978          wife of Thomas D.
Sparkman, Jone Youlanda       1953                         only date on marker
Sparkman, Thomas D.           1917                         husband of Johnnie N.
Sparkman, Thomas D., Jr.      1942                         only date on marker
Spears, A.J.                  09/14/1878     05/14/1926    Father
Spears, Amanda M.             08/29/1870     03/03/1934    wife of William W. Their absence a silent grief
Spears, B. Frank              05/08/1897     07/24/1952    
Spears, Baby                                               no dates  Baby of Josh and Martha
Spears, Daniel C., Jr.        01/04/1890     08/07/1966    
Spears, F.T.                  03/13/1913     05/22/1978    Resting
Spears, Henry Wright          02/06/1884     10/12/1931    husband of Lula E.  Gone to be with Jesus
Spears, Infant                1926                         no other dates  Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Wright Spears
Spears, Infant                1922                         no other dates  Son of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Wright Spears
Spears, Laura Permelia        05/06/1884     05/02/1965    Forever with the Lord
Spears, Lilla Ethel           04/24/1893     06/07/1971    
Spears, Lula E. (Short)       01/20/1887     08/25/1966    wife of Henry Wright  Gone to be with Jesus
Spears, Martha J.             02/11/1871     12/18/1954    
Spears, Rev. Josh F.          03/25/1866     07/16/1946    
Spears, Willard Lowell        10/15/1922     09/22/1924    Son of Daniel Curtis & Lilla Ethel Spears
Spears, William W.            10/14/1867     04/30/1962    husband of Amanda M.  Their life a beautiful memory
Stafford, John Wilbur         1921           1977          Military marker SI US Navy WWII
Stanaland, Carrie C.          07/14/1892     07/30/1973    At rest
Stanaland, Rev. Mary          05/17/1889     01/01/1968    At rest
Stephens, Pearlie Mae         12/03/1934     06/08/1945    Is sleeping in Jesus' arms.
Stills, Charles Edward        11/21/1929     12/29/1996    Father of Kenneth Edward
Stills, Kenneth Edward        12/22/1956     08/23/1980    You blessed our lives  son of Charles Edward
Stokeley, Clara E.            05/06/1914     10/06/1990    
Stokeley, Flora E.            1874           1935          
Stokeley, William Joseph      1873           1952          
Stokely, James Emory          08/18/1919     04/23/1973    Florida PVT. US ARMY  World War II
Stokely, James Preston        06/12/1877     12/14/1941    Husband of Sarah Whiddon
Stokely, Sarah Whiddon        08/12/1898     12/27/1934    Wife of James Preston
Stokley, Alma Geneva          09/03/1949     04/02/1968    "Little Alma"  "Not my will but thine be done"
Stokley, Alma Strickland      09/20/1913     10/07/1996    wife of Joseph Emery  m 06/11/1933  Rest in Peace
Stokley, Joseph Emery         07/12/1905     02/07/1987    husband of Alma  m 06/11/1933  Gone from our home but not from our hearts
Stokley, Lawanna T.           1939                         wife of Walter
Stokley, Mellie               01/19/1916     02/27/1932    Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. M. Stanaland
Stokley, Walter               1935           1997          husband to Lawanna T.  US Navy Military Marker
Strickland, Alma Green        11/09/1916     05/23/1992    Mother  wife of Ralph Lowell
Strickland, Barbara C.        11/29/1938                   wife of Charles Leroy  Our father which art in Heaven
Strickland, Ben               06/28/1865     06/27/1928    Asleep in Jesus
Strickland, Carol Jean        06/26/1965     05/09/1986    Photo  A sunbeam from the world has vanished
Strickland, Charles Leroy     09/06/1931     12/16/1995    husband of Barbara C.  Military Marker  Our father which art in Heaven
Strickland, Dorothy Fay       06/15/1927     07/24/1927    Infant Daughter of Hubert and Ora Strickland  At rest
Strickland, Earl C.           11/12/1922     12/08/1970    
Strickland, Emily E. Raker    10/1853        04/1939       
Strickland, Fannie            04/19/1869     10/07/1930    A true wife and a loving mother
Strickland, Glover C.         03/09/1894     12/03/1964    
Strickland, H.D.              11/23/1908     06/03/1912    Son of H.D. and Ora Strickland
                                                           Age 3 yrs. 9 mo. 11 days
                                                           Suffer my children to come into me and forbid them not
                                                           such is my kingdom of heaven
Strickland, Herbert D.        11/28/1889     04/04/1968    He has gone to the mansions of rest
Strickland, Ida               09/06/1864     06/12/1944    Asleep in Jesus
Strickland, Idella            01/07/1858     11/30/1939    Wife of W.M.  Loved by everyone that knew her
Strickland, Infant                                         Nothing else
Strickland, Isaiah            02/11/1899     11/18/1941    Gone but not forgotten
Strickland, Mose              01/10/1858     09/28/1938    At rest
Strickland, Nina Jean                                      No dates
Strickland, Ora Athens        07/22/1888     04//04/1955   She has gone to the mansions of rest
Strickland, Ralph Lowell      09/05/1910     08/31/1984    Father  husband of Alma Green
Strickland, Raymond           06/15/1923     04/01/1927    Asleep in Jesus
Strickland, Roderick          1942           1998          
Strickland, W.M.              05/08/1854     01/24/1923    Husband of Idella
                                                           In after time we will meet him
                                                           Woodmen of the World
Strickland, X.V.              1922           1969          Mother
Thomas, Edwin James           07/24/1949     09/24/1965    Gone but not forgotten
Thomas, Verlie Raker          10/12/1916     01/11/1958    
Thompson, Elmer Algona        08/05/1891     06/03/1963    PVT. US ARMY  World War II
Thompson, Kenneth Eugene      10/31/1955     04/03/0977    Gone, but in our hearts  "Skinner"                                                  
Thompson, Rochelle            1895           1964          
Treadaway, John Whitfield     08/17/1907     05/28/1973    Husband of Ruth Lockwood
Treadaway, Ruth Lockwood      01/12/1917     12/23/1982    Wife of John Whitfield
Vause, Annie Raker            02/13/1893     02/20/1923    Absent, not dead.
Vause, Child                                               no dates
Vause, Child                                               no dates
Vause, Child                                               no dates
Vause, Child                                               no dates
Vause, Child                                               no dates
Vause, Child                                               no dates
Vause, Child                                               no dates
Vause, Child                                               no dates
Vause, Daniel E.              07/14/1882     12/27/1892    At rest
Vause, Duskie L.              10/15/1917     07/30/1987    Mother  wife of Robert W.
Vause, E.B.                   12/29/1860     07/16/1931    Father  At rest
Vause, Ethel Corean           06/16/1903     04/27/1993    Mother
Vause, Henry C.               12/28/1889     07/30/1984    Father
Vause, Isabela Amanda         01/28/1859     07/16/1937    At rest
Vause, Lillian J.             1914           1964          
Vause, Robert W.              03/31/1919     08/14/1986    Daddy  husband of Duskie L. Military Marker PFC US Army World War II
Vause, W.W.                   11/18/1882     01/12/1905    At rest
Voorting, Antoinette          10/21/1918                   Wife of Hubertus  married 05/10/1939
Voorting, Hubertus            06/29/1918     08/02/1996    Husband of Antoinette  married 05/10/1939
Welch, Irma E.                01/27/1920     06/13/1990    "Thy life was beauty, truth, goodness and love"
Whiddon, Carrie Lee           1900           1961          Wife of Johne  They steer'd their course to the same quiet shore
Whiddon, Johne                1901           1961          Husband of Carrie Lee Not parted long and now to part no more
Whiddon, Lizzie Estell        07/01/1932     12/25/1943    
White, Florida Mae            02/13/1905     03/08/1962    gone but not forgotten
Whitten, Benjamin F.          10/12/1855     12/30/1911    Father  Gone but not forgotten by their loved ones
Whitten, Martha P. Singletary 05/06/1872     02/20/1927    Mother Gone but not forgotten by their loved ones 	
Wimberley, Baby                                            no dates Baby of Lilly & I..V. Wimberley 	
Wimberley, Baby                                            no dates Baby of Lilly & I..V. Wimberley 	
Wimberley, Lilly S.           08/28/1909     04/24/1930	 	
Winburn, Sybel                09/29/1905     08/03/1910    Gone to be an Angel. Daughter of JJ Winburn 	
Womack, William Samuel        10/22/1903     11/14/1954    At Rest 	

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Information provided by Betty Green (01/14/1993) and members of the Wakulla

County Historical Society, P.O. Box 151, Crawfordville, FL 32326-0151