Whaley Cemetery Wakulla County, FL

					State File No. 8WA538



 JAN 1 1842              SALLIE COX

OCT 23 1916              MAR 25 1847

Their toils are past their work is done

They fought the fight the victory won



BORN                        BORN

SEPT. 15, 1802                MAR. 7, 1818

   DIED                     DIED

SEPT 22, 1872            MAY 22. 1907

His record               She hath won

Is on high               The victory

FATHER                   MOTHER


4-sided pointed obelisk faces away from above stones with two

epitaphs which read:

Loved by all who

knew them

[faces towards WHALEY stones] [on opposite side of Sephrona]

SEPURONA                             NURSIE

 WHALEY                              WHALEY

  BORN                                 BORN

APR. 29, 1852                       OCT. 12, 1854

  DIED                                 DIED

JAN. 15, 1863                       FEB. 23, 1907

four unmarked stones set between above stones

Two stones with joined hands in circle on each located about 12

to 14 feet in front of WHALEY markers read:

ELLER WHALEY                        EMMER WHALEY

    BORN                               BORN

OCT. 22, 1868                       OCT. 22, 1868

   DIED                                DIED

MAY 18, 1897                        FEB. 28, 1869


Two stones located about 16 to 20 feet in front of

Sephrona/Nursie stone]


AUG. 10, 1850                 OCT  1847

FEB. 22, 1928                 JUNE 2, 1915

To the far left of all stones is one single stone:

To my father's hands

are many [cannot decipher]




JULY 10, 1861

FEB. 29, 1904

There is rest in heaven


Notes from Ms. Laura E. Tulley:

T.E. (Thomas Evans) WHALEY & Catharine [TAYLOR] WHALEY are my

paternal greatógreatógreat-grandparents.

Edward WHALEY is incorrect. It should read Edwin WHALEY. Edwin

WHALEY is a son of T.E. WHALEY. Sallie COX WHALEY died 13 Jan

1930. These are my great-great-grandparents.

Sephrona is actually Saphronia WHALEY, daughter of T.E. &

Catharine WHALEY. Nursie is Luncepey Nercissa WHALEY, daughter

of T.E. & Catharine WHALEY.

Eller is actually Ella and Emmer is actually Emma. These are

twin girls, daughters of Edwin & Sallie WHALEY.

Betty WHITE is Elisabeth WHALEY, daughter of T.E. & Catharine

WHALEY. James Wakulla WHITE is her husband.

"Emly" A. is Emily C. WHALEY, daughter of Jarmon H. WHALEY &

Martha A. BUNCH. Jarmon is the son of T.E. & Catharine WHALEY.

J.J. WINBORN, Emily's husband, is Joseph J. WINBURN.

Jarmon married a Susan SASSER and she is believed to be in this

cemetery, but her stone is unmarked.

There are many unmarked stones and markers, some resembling

blocks. This cemetery was visited 5 Mar 1989 and re-visited in

September 1992 after the cemetery was cleaned and the stones

were rubbed and whitened.

Cemetery located off Highway 319 in Wakulla Co., FL on private

property. The cemetery was once on WHALEY property when the

stones were erected, but land was sold and property lines


          Information contributed by 

			Laura Tully
			206 Clearwater Road
			Interlachen, FL 32138
			E-mail: letully32138@yahoo.com

Feb 2001