Pore water flow movies (GIF format) produced during flume experiments.


  advective flow  


Upwelling of red pore fluid (Rhodamine dye), and intrusion of red flume water (Rhodamine dye) and suspended black (1 um acrylic particles) and blue (10 um acrylic particles). Time period covered by the movie is 12 h. (Movie 1)

"Transparent core" produced from the results of flume experiment shown in Movie 1. The core was sliced horizontally after the experiment, the slices were scanned and rebuilt to the complete core by the computer program MacStereology. (Movie 2)

Similar experiment as shown in Movie 1, however, this time several layers were stained with Rhodamine dye and the overlying water did not contain any tracers. (Movie 3)


  advective flow pattern  


Pictures (in jpg format)

Upwelling of pore fluid and intrusion of tracer caused by boundary flow-topography interaction (Picture 1)

Comparison of advective and diffusive sediment-water solute exchange (Picture 2)

Pore water washout caused by wave induced oscillating boundary flows (Picture 3)

Decomposition zones in the ocean (Picture 4)

  shelf zones