Gary Michael Fournier

Professor Emeritus
Department of Economics
Bellamy Building 274
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL 32306-2180

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health economics, applied microeconomics and industrial organization.

My recent topics include competition in healthcare, especially hospitals versus ambulatory surgical centers; assessing the welfare effects of introducing new ADHD-drugs; competition in the airline industry; technology diffusion in medical treatment decisions.




Professor Emeritus                        
Department of Economics                                                                     
Florida State University 


 Professor of Economics, Florida State University (1994-2015); Associate Professor (1986-1994);  Assistant Professor (1980-1986).

Visiting Scholar, Medical University of South Carolina (Fall 2006).

Visiting Scholar, Economics Department, University of Bergen, Norway (Summer 1996; Fall 1998, Summer 2003, Summer 2006)

Participant in Legal Institute for Economists, sponsored by the  Law and Economics Center of Emory University. (Summer 1983)

 Network Inquiry Special Staff, Federal Communications Commission (1978-1980)

Industry Economist, Directorate of Economic and Policy Research, Securities and Exchange Commission, (Summer 1977)



Ph.D. (Economics), University of Virginia, 1981.

B.A. (Economics), University of Florida, 1973.



ECO 5973: Applied Projects (M.S. Capstone)

ECO 5117: Applied Microeconomics (M.S.)

ECP 5415: Social Control of Business


ECP 3403: Business Organization and Market Structure

ECP 4413: Government Regulation of Business



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(Wordle picture). An interesting collage of words used in my journal article titles, sized by frequency.


Physician and Patient Migration to Ambulatory Surgery Centers as a Response to Poor Safety at Hospitals [Download] October 2013. (With Nitin Dua).

Hospital Safety, Endogenous Entry and Competition by Ambulatory Surgery Centers. [Download] December, 2010. (With Nitin Dua).

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