Classes Taught, with Sample Syllabi and Lecture Outlines

              England, 1714 to 1870 (Undergraduate 4000 level and Graduate 5000 level)  

              Modern Britain, 1870 to Present (Undergraduate 4000 level and Graduate 5000 level) 

              Gender, Class and Sexuality in Britain, to 1914 (Undergraduate 4000 level and Graduate 5000 and 6000 level) 

Historical Methods (Graduate 6000 level)

              British Empire (Graduate 6000 level)  

              Readings in Modern European History: Nation, Class and Empire (Graduate 6000 level) 

              Senior Seminar, 19th Century British Gender History (Undergraduate 4000 level) 

              Senior Seminar, State Power in Britain, 1750 to 1850 (Undergraduate 4000 level) 

              Senior Seminar, Free Trade in Nineteenth-Century Britain (Undergraduate 4000 level) 

              British Capitalism: 1688 to Present (Undergraduate 4000 level) 

              England, Empire, and Commonwealth, 1750 to Present (Undergraduate 3000 level) 

              Nineteenth-Century European History (Undergraduate 3000 level) 

              World History, 1200 to 1815 (Undergraduate 1000 level) 

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