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A Partial List of Publications

Professor Charles F. Hofacker

My full vita is available as a PDF document. The incomplete list below is biased somewhat towards recent activity and e-marketing topics.

  • Varan, Duane, Jamie Murphy, Charles F. Hofacker, Jenny Robinson, Rob Potter and Steven Bellman (2013), "Cross-Device Effects and Cross-Format Synergies," Journal of Advertising Research, expected publication June 2013 [Ask].

  • Pagani, Margherita, Ronald E. Goldsmith and Charles F. Hofacker (2011), "The Influence of Personality on Active and Passive Use of Social Networking Sites," Psychology & Marketing, accepted for publication [Ask].

  • Premazzi, Katia, Sandro Castaldo, Monica Grosso, Pushkala Raman, Susan Brudvig, Charles F. Hofacker (2010), "Customer Information Sharing with E-Vendors: The Roles of Incentives and Trust," International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 14(3), 63-91 [Ask].

  • Shankar, Venkatesh, Alladi Venkatesh, Charles F. Hofacker, and Prasad Naik (2010), "Mobile Marketing in the Retailing Environment: Current Insights and Future Research Avenues," Journal of Interactive Marketing, 24 (2), 111-20.

  • Hofacker, Charles F., Mark Gleim and Stephanie Lawson (2009), "Revealed Reader Preference for Marketing Journals," Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 37(2), 88-96 [Ask] [Publisher].

  • Hofacker, Charles F. and Jamie Murphy (2009), "Consumer Web Page Search, Clicking Behavior and Reaction Time," Direct Marketing: An International Journal, 3(2), 88-96 [Ask] [Publisher].

  • Hofacker, Charles F. (2008), "E-Tail Constraints and Tradeoffs," Direct Marketing: An International Journal, 2(3) 129-143 [PDF] [Publisher].

  • Pillai, Kishore Gopalakrishna and Charles F. Hofacker (2007), "Calibration of Consumer Knowledge of the Web," International Journal of Research in Marketing, 24(3), 254-267 [Ask] [Publisher]. .

  • Hofacker, Charles F., Ronald E. Goldsmith, Eileen Bridges and Esther Swilley (2007), "E-Services: A Synthesis and Research Agenda," Journal of Value Chain Management, 1(1/2), 13-44 [PDF] [Publisher].

  • Murphy, Jamie, Charles F. Hofacker and M. Bennett (2001), "Website-Generated Market-Research Data: Tracing The Tracks Left Behind By Visitors," Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 42 (1), 82-91 [PDF] [Publisher].

  • Hofacker, Charles F. and Jamie Murphy (2000) "Clickable Banner Ads and World Wide Web Content Sites," Journal of Interactive Marketing, 14 (1), 49-59 [Ask] [Publisher].

  • Hofacker, Charles F. and Jamie Murphy (1998) "World Wide Web Banner Ad Copy Testing," European Journal of Marketing, 32 (7/8), 703-12 [Publisher]

  • Freiden, Jon, Ronald E. Goldsmith, Charles F. Hofacker and Scott Takacs (1997) "Information as a Product, Not Goods, Not Services," Marketing Intelligence and Planning, 16 (3), 210-220 [PDF] [Publisher].

  • Cradit, J. Dennis, A. Taschian and Charles F. Hofacker (1994) "Signal Detection Theory and Single Observation Designs: Methods and Indices for Advertising Recognition Testing," Journal of Marketing Research, 31(1), 117-27 [Ask] [Publisher].

  • Hoffman, J. J., J. B. Cullen, N. M. Carter and Charles F. Hofacker (1992) "Alternative Methods for Measuring Organization Fit: Technology, Structure and Performance," Journal of Management, 18, 45-57 [Publisher].

  • Goldsmith, Ronald E. and Charles F. Hofacker (1991) "Measuring Consumer Innovativeness," Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 19 209-221 [PDF] [Publisher].

  • Hofacker, Charles F. (1990) "Derivation of Covariance Probit Elasticities," Management Science, 36, 500-4 [Ask] [Publisher].

  • Muthen, Bengt O. and C. F. Hofacker (1988) "Testing the Assumptions Underlying Tetrachoric Correlations," Psychometrika, 53, 563-78 [Ask] [Publisher].

  • Hofacker, Charles F. (1984) "Categorical Judgement Scaling with Ordinal Assumptions," Multivariate Behavioral Research, 19, 91-106 [Publisher].