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Version: v0.22

Contributors (in no particular order):




SRx (where x identifies the edition in question):

For Example: someone who has played second edition Shadowrun but doesn't really like for it would denote this as "SR2-".

SRX+++The ultimate Shadowrun rules!
SRX++ They got it just about right with this edition.
SRX+ Pretty good
SRX I'm indifferent to the rules of this edition.
SRX- I don't really like this edition.
SRX-- This edition sucks drek!
SRX--- I almost vowed never to play Shadowrun again after I'd experienced this edition!
!SRx I've never played this edition, and don't want to either!
SRx? What? There's a new edition out and nobody told me?

House Rules:

h++++ You mean people still use FASA's rules?!?
h+++ We have more house rules than official ones
h++ FASA left a lot of holes, and we've used a lot of putty
h+ Our house rules add a little flavour to the game
h We only have a couple of house rules. More guidelines, really.
h- I won't play with house rules.
h-- House rules are really just cheating.
h--- How dare you imply that FASA's rules aren't perfect!

Book Ownership:

b++++ I am Jill Lucas.
b+++ I own *everything* SR published by FASA
b++ I have a couple of sourcebooks, and maybe an adventure or two
b+ I have the main book, and Street Samurai Catalog
b I have the main book
b- I remember most of my friend's copy
b-- I looked over it a few times at Waldenbooks, and make up the rest
b--- Umm, they're made out of paper, right?
b? I thought they were just novels
!b Sourcebooks are just another way for elitists to show off, Fight the system!

BABY Numbers:

B+++ Not only was I in line, but I'm below 100!
B++ I've got one, but I either had to wait in line forever or hack the HTML on the web sale.
B+ Got one, don't ask how.
B I caught a glimpse of it once, and I'd do anything for it.
B- Of course a hardcover would be nice, but I don't need it.
B-- Eh, doesn't really matter to me.
B--- Why do I need a BABY? I have a 1st Edition Hardcover!
B? "What's a BABY?"
!B "Frag off with your elitist BABYs!"
B### List your actual BABY number, if you choose.

Universal Brotherhood:

UB++ Bought it when it came out, won't part with it for anything.
UB+ I finally got a hold of it, took me 3 years, but I have it.
UB You have the UB? I'll sell you my firstborn.
UB- UB is old hat, but it would fit well in my collection.
UB-- Bugs suck, Chicago sucks, don't want it.

Immortal Elves:

IE+++ I am Harlequin and shall shape the world!!!!
IE++ IEs are awesome...they are behind everything...
IE+ The Immortal Elves are pretty cool. They'll probably show up now and then in my game.
IE Immortal Elves, huh? Sounds typical for fantasy elves...
IE- The Immortal Elves are okay, but WAY overused.
IE-- The entire Immortal Elf thing should never have happened.
IE--- If you even think Immortal Elves within earshot I'll rip your head off.
!IE I stubbornly refuse to get dragged into the entire Immortal Elf debate.
?IE Immortal Elves? There are Immortal Elves????

ShadowRN Membership

RN++++ I'm a ShadowRN Admin.
RN+++ I'm a member of ShadowRN GridSec.
RN++ I read all my mail and post at least once a day.
RN+ I read most of my mail and post fairly regularly.
RN I'm a list member.
RN- I'm a lurker.
RN-- I subscribed once but couldn't keep up with the email.
RN--- What's ShadowRN?

Other Lists can be indicates as follows:
STK ShadowTK
LST Any other List/Forum/Etc.

Shadowrun Websites

W ++++ I run a major fixture of Shadowrun on the web (The Archive, the Webring, Shadowland, Deep Resonance, Blackjack's page, FASA's site etc)
W +++ My site is well known and popular (BKK, HHH, TSS, UOL, Magespace etc)
W ++ I've got lots of good original stuff but my site's not as popular as it deserves yet...
W + I've posted a couple of character sheets and a few links
W I mention Shadowrun in my list of hobbies.
W - My page's Shadowrun section should be up any day now...
W -- Nope, no SR stuff here, but check out my custom Omni-Mechs.
W --- I wouldn't give free hype space to SR if FASA paid me! AD&D Rules!!
W ---- I am R. Talsorian.
!W I don't even have a website.
W? What's an "SR Website?"



This section is under possible revision.
dk++++ I am Fastjack
dk+++ Captain Chaos asks me for advice
dk++ The matrix is everything I need
dk+ I think deckers are cool
dk Deckers can be useful at times
dk- Deckers are a pain in the backside
dk-- Deckers make good cannon fodder
dk--- I kill every decker I come across

Other character types follow the same pattern with the following code letters. There are so many character types, I would recommend only commenting where you feel really strongly about a character type.
sa Samurai
ma Mage
sh Shaman
ad Adept
ri Rigger
mc Merc
rk Rocker


m+++ Human's are an allowed character type?!?
m++ Most of my characters are metahuman
m+ Metahumans are cool, I even play one now and then
m Metahuman/human...what's the difference...
m- I tend toward human characters
m-- Metahumans are to unbalanced...I doubt I'll ever play one
m--- I wear pointed ears around my neck...

Greater detail can be provided using the following:
e Elf
o Ork
t Troll
d Dwarf
An example of how this detail may be used is as a modifier to the original. For example: m--(e+++) would be "Metas suck, except elves - they're really cool!".



gm+++ The original EvilGM (TM)
gm++ My campaigns are legends in my town.
gm+ I've been told I am a pretty good GM
gm I've gamemastered from time to time
gm- I tend to avoid gamemastering, it's not as much fun as playing.
gm-- I'm a lousy gamemaster...I pity the player that gets me to GM.
gm--- Gamemastering SUCKS. No way I'll take on that much work.


M+++ Has anyone seen where I put the nukes?
M++ Milspec isn't good enough for me...
M+ I occasionally go overboard on a character.
M Wiz gear is cool.
M- If it fits the character concept, I'll go for the good stuff.
M-- I never powergame. Every character has at least 3-4 pages of well thought out background.
M--- I've written deep novels about my characters and feel vaguely ill when standing near a Munchkin.

Frequency/Intensity of Play

P+++ I don't come out of character long enough to go to class/work
P++ I live/eat/breathe SR
P+ SR is my primary social outlet
P I have a regular group and we play on weekends
P- I don't play as often as I'd like
P-- I haven't actually played in years
P--- I know some folks who have played SR
!P I don't actually play SR
P* I play, but only by e-mail/IRC

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