Wakulla County CSA Pension Index

This is an alphabetical list of Confederate pensioners who collected their pension in Wakulla county. For more information on what is included in the index see the Florida Archives link It is suggested that if you do not find the name you are looking for that you use the link to the Archives list which is the complete index. If the person you are looking for collected the pension in another county they may not appear in this list. Search using the "find" function of your browser, first for the name of the soldier, then for the name of the widow and finally for the county name.
ALLEN          Joseph M.           5th Regt Inf                 Gertrude (--)                1905      A01656    17 pgs
ALLIGOOD       Charles S.          5th Regt Inf                 Julia (Williams)             1899      A02518    15 pgs
ANDERSON       Jesse M.            South Carolina                                                      A05109    16 pgs
ANDREW         Frank Asberry       Georgia                      Elizabeth (Dekle)            1901      A02613    13 pgs
ASHMORE        Robert W.           5th Regt Inf                 Mray (Bostwick)              1902      A00552    08 pgs
BRADLEY        George W.           2nd Regt Cav                 Hannah (Allen)               1905      A11518    10 pgs
BRASSWELL      Henry Hill          5th Regt Inf                                                        A05576    16 pgs
BROWN          Anderson            10th Regt Inf                Margarette (Driggers)        1903      A02052    15 pgs
CAUSSEAUX      Stephen K.          Arty Units                   Mary (Ferrell)               1907      A01770    17 pgs
CLARIDY        Calvin S.           Georgia                                                             A07053    13 pgs
CORE           George W.           lst Regt Inf Resv                                                   A05026    25 pgs
COUNCIL        John C.             2nd Regt Cav                 Missouri (Redd)              1907      A11555    20 pgs
COX            John T.             Arty Units                   Anna (Walton)(Langston)      1902      A02466    20 pgs
DAVIS          Levy                lst Regt Inf Resv            Clemey (--)                  1904      D06415    04 pgs
DUGGAR         Isaac L.            2nd Regt Inf                                                        A12666    10 pgs
DUGGAR         John Wesley         2nd Regt Cav                                                        A05836    08 pgs
DURRANCE       John                lst Regt Inf                 Mary (Sasser)                1908      A00025    08 pgs
EUBANKS        Hardee K.           lst Regt Inf Resv            Sallie (Baker)               1905      A01908    21 pgs
EUBANKS        William H.          Home Guard                   Mary (Posey)                 1921      D22038    08 pgs
EZELL          James A.            Georgia                      Thirza (Dyal)                1901      A04173    14 pgs
FERRELL        John S.             2nd Regt Cav                 Sarah (Norris)               1907      A02062    20 pgs
FORBES         Richard Bruce       lst Regt Inf Resv                                                   A05580    13 pgs
GREEN          T.J.                5th Regt Inf                 Sarah (Reaves)               1902      Al1151    14 pgs
GWALTNEY       James Henry         Arty Units                   Mary (Mash)                  1902      A00026    15 pgs
GWALTNEY       Lewis               Georgia                                                             A05024    19 pgs
HARE           Lewis T.            5th Regt Inf                 M.S. (--)                    1904      Al1985    06 pgs
HARKINS        Wiley F.            Georgia                      Mary (--)                    1907      A04632    19 pgs
HARRIS         James Daniel        Georgia                      Rebecca (Winburn)            1907      A04947    35 pgs
HAZWORTH       George W.           2nd Regt Cav                 Monica (Kemp)                1902      A01912    13 pgs
HILL           Whitmore B.         Georgia                      Eliza (Levy)                 1888      A03364    12 pgs
HODGE          B.B.                lst Regt Inf Resv            Abigail (Langston)           1903      Al1454    08 pgs
HODGE          Samuel S.           Home Guard                   Martha (Turner)              1903      A01469    10 pgs
JACKSON        William A.          6th Regt Inf                 E. (--)                      1094      Al2534    04 pgs
JONES          George W.           lst Regt Inf                 Sarah (Lester)               1901      A01285    13 pgs
LANGSTON       Ezra Erwin          3rd Regt Inf                                                        A10811    08 pgs
LANGSTON       Jacob R.            6th Regt Inf                 Mary (Modlin)                1907      A01901    16 pgs
LANGSTON       Jonathan B.         6th Regt Inf                 Celia (McMillian)            1903      A00018    09 pgs
LAWHON         John M.             3rd Regt Inf                 Alice (Revell)               1908      Al1503    10 pgs
LEWIS          Arthur              5th Bttn Cav                 Sallie (Lee)                 1906      A10249    16 pgs
LEWIS          William D.          5th Regt Inf                 Jennette (--)                1898      Al1150    16 pgs
LINZIE         Greer Moses         Home Guard                                                          A08117    25 pgs
LINZY          W.F.                Saltmakers & Fisherman Srv                                          D23100    09 pgs
MATHERS        Stephen W.          5th Bttn Cav                 Isabella (Green)             1904      A00027    08 pgs
McKENZIE       William P.          South Carolina               Martha (Carraway)            1908      A03015    11 pgs
McLEOD         Roderick Donald     Georgia                      Mattie (Norris)              1908      A10131    20 pgs
McMILLAN       Richard C.          3rd Regt Inf                                                        A05029    10 pgs
MILLER         John Wesley         Alabama                                                             A07061    17 pgs
MOORE          Thomas H.           3rd Regt Inf                 Martha (Lavender)            1907      A02228    18 pgs
MORRIS         Turner              lst Regt Inf Resv            Sarah (StephensO             1921      A02354    15 pgs
MORRISON       Archibald G.        2nd Regt Inf                 S. (Whetstone)               1900      A01031    15 pgs
MOSELEY        Thomas R.           Mississippi                  Bettie (Kimbrough)           1907      A02901    28 pgs
OLIVER         James L.            2nd Regt Cav                                                        A12710    04 pgs
PEARCE         James J.            2nd Regt Cav                 Florida (Faulk)              1907      A02900    22 pgs
PELT           Durant              Indp Units                   Melvina (Posey)              1898      A01112    18 pgs
PIGOTT         Robert R.           3rd Regt Inf                                                        A05031    15 pgs
PIGOTT         Stephen Thomas      lst Regt Inf Resv            Thurza (Raker)               1907      A02319    17 pgs
PORTER         William R.          8th Regt Inf                 Elizabeth (Reynolds)         1895      A01023    17 pgs
POSEY          Noah                5th Bttn Cav                 Penelope J. (--)             1899      Al1714    04 pgs
POWELL         Z.T.                Georgia                                                             A12617    05 pgs
RAKER          Matthew D.          5th Bttn Cav                                                        A10812    12 pgs
RAKER          Thomas J.           2nd Regt Cav                 Roxie (Moore)                1903      Al1152    08 pgs
REAVES         John M.             8th Regt Inf                 Sarah (Miller)               1900      A11153    09 pgs
REVELL         James Alford        3rd Regt Inf                 Lillie (Reynolds)            1908      A02603    14 pgs
REVELL         S.C.                5th Regt Inf                 Mary (Anderson)              1901      A01321    12 pgs
REYNOLDS       John I.             Home Guard                                                          D02120    06 pgs
ROBERTS        Andrew S.           llth Regt Inf                Letitia (Holland)            1904      A02564    13 pgs
ROBERTS        George              8th Regt Inf                 Julia (Adams)                1904      A11598    17 pgs
ROBERTS        Leonidas            lst Regt Inf Resv            Carrie (Roddenberry)         1908      A01098    17 pgs
ROBERTS        P.D.                Georgia                                                             D02069    02 pgs
ROBERTS        Patrick Daniel      Georgia                      Artie (Carraway)             1902      A04578    21 pgs
ROBERTS        Richard             5th Regt Inf                                                        Al3036    02 pgs
ROBERTSON      David Curtis        Home Guard                   Willie (--)                  1908      A02527    23 pgs
ROBERTSON      R.P.                3rd Regt Inf                 Missouri (Moore)             1903      A00030    09 pgs
RODDENBERRY    Sampson             Home Guard                   Lina (Carraway)              1922      A02421    08 pgs
SAULS          James Dubow         Arty Units                                                          A05581    13 pgs
SINGLETARY     Nathaniel           Georgia                                                             A06524    13 pgs
SMITH          Aldolphus F.        2nd Regt Cav                 Frances (Syfrett)            1908      D19131    11 pgs
SPEARS         Daniel S.           2nd Regt Cav                 Rebecca (Oaks)               1903      A00823    09 pgs
SPEARS         James               llth Regt Inf                Mary (Carter)                1905      A11601    11 pgs
STANALAND      George N.           2nd Regt Cav                 Caroline (--)                1902      A01370    13 pgs
STANALAND      Thomas Boaz         9th Regt Inf                 Mary (Stringer)              1901      A10123    19 pgs
STOKELEY       John E.             lst Regt Cav                 Sarah (Andrew)               1902      A01628    15 pgs
SUTTON         John A.             5th Regt Inf                 Susan (Moore)                1901      A11154    12 pgs
SWEARINGEN     Thomas F.           2nd Regt Cav                 Ella (Roddenbery)            1916      A10452    13 pgs
THOMPSON       Andrew Jackson      6th Regt Inf                                                        A05373    10 pgs
TRICE          Ezekial             3rd Regt Inf                 Isa A. (--)                  1905      A12572    11 pgs
TUCKER         Luther              Military Institute           Jerusia (Vause)              1914      A01597    06 pgs
VAUSE          Thomas Evander      7th Regt Inf                                                        A05741    15 pgs
WALKER         William Henry       3rd Regt Inf                 Susie (Hunt)                 1907      A02162    21 pgs
WATSON         Henry               5th Bttn Cav                 Catherine (Whaley)           1902      A00239    14 pgs
WHALEY         Edwin               lst Regt Inf                 Sallie (Cox)                 1904      A01907    29 pgs
WHETSTONE      John Calvin         2nd Regt Cav                                                        D18255    15 pgs
WILKINSON      John L.             Georgia                                                             D19300    11 pgs
WILLIAMS       Richard S.          Georgia                                                             A05020    11 pgs
WILLIS         John Washington     Home Guard                   Ellender (Clemmons)          1913      A01581    06 pgs
WINBURN        Caswell             2nd Regt Cav                 Martha (Revill)              1901      A00029    14 pgs
WOOD           James A.            3rd Regt Inf                 Molly (Pigott)               1905      A02433    21 pgs
WOOD           Louis Jasper        Home Guard                                                          A08525    09 pgs

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