Shell Point Rangers

The reference I have for this unit says it was formed in 1861 at an unknown location and evidently dissolved. Members of this unit later show up in other units which formed in the the Wakulla County area. Although there is a present day Shell Point located in Wakulla county along the coast, at the time of the civil war Shell Point was the name for the present day Crawfordville. When the court house was physically moved to Shell Point the name was changed. The names appearing in the unit are those of residents who appear in the 1860 U.S. Census of Wakulla county (available elsewhere at this site).
Captain A. C. Lang

1st Lieutenant William A. Giles

2nd Lieutenant Johnsthan Watson

3rd Lieutenant John Eubanks

Enlisted Men

Ange, Oden

Andrews, Elijah

Baker, Jacob

Baker, John M., Corporal

Baker, Marhew, Sergeant

Bell, James

Bell, W. K.

Bracker, Andrew

Bracker, John

Braswell, Henry

Braswell, Marida, Corporal

Coleman, Henry, Drummer

Coleman, W. K., Ist Sergeant

Cone, D. W.

Danilson, James

Eubanks, Hardee

Fountain, Green

Fountain, W. E.

Giles, James M., Fifer

Giles, William W.

Gwaltny, James F.

Hemby, J. T.

Johnston, I. W., 2nd Corporal

Johnston, L. T.

Johnston, William

Johnston, Wylie

Mathews, John

Mathew, Steven W.

Maxwain, Charles, 2nd Sergeant

Ogletree, Wylie

Pelt, Durant

Pervis, John N.

Porter, William R.

Richardson, A.

Roddenberry, Allen

Roddenberry, George

Roddenberry, Richard

Smith, R. B.

Spears, William

Spears, Zinmanon

Stokely, J. B.

Stokely, John

Tulley, A. P.

Tulley, G. W.

Tulley, William C., Ist Corporal

Vickers, Stephen

Watson, Henry

Watson, James, Sergeant

White, T. W.

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