A Little About Me

Background: I have a B.S. in biology from FSU and worked for 10 years for the Florida Division of Chemistry. Following that I moved to FSU and spent 9 years in the electronics shop mainly printing and populating circuit boards and fabricating equipment. Moving to the far end of the hall of the same building I worked in the Machine Shop for 11 years. At the end of June, 2005 I retired and how can not find enough time for all I want to do. Interest include antique equipment (especially gasoline and steam engines), circular sock knitting machines, photography, diving, boating gardening and an assortment of other odd things.

My home shop equipment consist of a 10 x 37 imported lathe, a CNC Haas Super Mini Mill, a Bridgeport clone with ball screws that is being converted to CNC, a Rockwell Delta horizontal/vertical mill with a computer based DRO, a 14" Rockwell metal/wood cutting band saw and an imported cut-off band saw.

Projects in the works: A metal melting crucible furnace. Steam boiler for a small boat. TICH 3-1/2" gage locomotive. A second PM Research steam engine to me built with some purchased castings and the 3 largest cast in iron by me and my friends in the Art Department.

Future projects: Boat to put steam engine and boiler in. Tiny Power "M" 5HP steam engine and large boiler A two cylinder steam engine Many other projects if I live so long!