Florida 5th Inf. Co. I CSA, "The Wakulla Tigers"


Samuel A. Spencer Resigned

James A. Kinlock 1st Lieutenant promoted Captain; killed at the Wilderness.

John Hill April 26,'65 Ist Sergeant, promoted Ist Lieutenant, then Captain.

1st Lieutenant--

John O. Morris 2nd Lieutenant, promoted 1st Lieutenant .

2nd Lieutenant--

M. B. Swearengen Mar. '62 April 26, '65 Promoted 2nd Lieutenant; wounded at Gettysburg July 2, '63 and again at Sharpsburg, Md. Sept. 17, '62.

3rd Lieutenants-

Willsm H. Walker Transferred from 3rd Regiment, Co. D., went out on reorganization.

George M. Ferguson Corporal, promoted 3rd Lieutenant; killed in action.

Anderson Peeler Promoted 3rd Lieutenant.


Mustered in Mustered out Remarks Allen, J. M. April 26, '65

Allen, Leroy April 26, '65

Alligood, C. S. April 26, '65

Anderson, William H.

Ashley, John B.L.

Ashmore, Robert W. May '62 April 26, '65 Wounded, July 3, '63

Barrs, James M. July '63 April 26, '65 Wounded at Gettysburg July 2 '63

Bartleote, John

Benton, William N. April 26, '65

Blitchington, William

Brasswell, Henry H. April 26, '65

Brombly, Bennet

Bryan, J. L.

Butler, Daniel

Butler, Green B.

Bird, Alexander

Calaghan, Charles

Calaghan, Thomas

Campbell, W. Wounded at BriPtow Station Oct. 14,'63.

Carter, Jesse

Coleman, John

Condelary, Peter Killed at Petersburg Va. July 4 '64.

Cox, James C. Killed at Gettysburg July 3.'63.

Crowson, Moses

Curry, Joseph

Davis, A. P.

Davis, Levi My Great-Great-Grandfather

Deas, John S.


Ellis, William R. L.

Eubanks, John

Evers, Henry A

Faircloth, Joshua April 26, '65 Transfered from 3rd Reg. to Co. D.

Fsircloth, Richard Promoted Ist Sergeant.

Farr, William L.

Fountaine, Green

Fuquay, Cornelius

Fuquay, George M.

Gilchrist, James M.

Grant, Philip, G.

Grant, Washington Died at Charlottsville and buried in the cemetery of the University of Virginia.

Homer, I. A. Killed at Bristow Station Oct. 14.'63.

Jenkins, Joseph

Johnson, Hugh

Langston, Jesse Sargeant, transferred from Co. D. 3rd Regiment.

Langston, William I. transferred from Co. D. 3rd Regiment.

Lewis, Jesse

Lohner, John P.

McCarthy, John T.

McKinnon, John I.

McSwain, Cherles

Marion, Joseph

Munson, A. G. April 6, '65

Murray, John Discharged June 1,'62 for disability; re-enlisted

Norton, William Engineer Corps and wounded at Olustee

Pedworth, David Feb. '64.

Raulerson, James

Raulerson, William Wounded, Bristow Station Oct. 14,'63.

Remington, A. H.

Revell, S. C. Captured, imprisoned at Fortress Monroe; paroled May 6, '65.

Revell, Bisney E. April 28, '65 Wounded at the Wilderness May.'64 and died May 8.'65.

Richardson, Sol. B. 2nd lost right leg st Sharpsburg Sept. 17,'63 and discharged.

Roath, Clifford D. April 26, 65, Wounded at Gettysburg July 2.'63.

Robertson, Benjamin F.

Ronalds, Hiram

Sealey, Jesse

Stanford, Eli April 26, '65

Stanford, J. H. April 26, '65

Stevens, William H.

Stewart, Wiley

Sweat, James G. Corporal; died at Charlottsville and buried in the cemetery of the University of Virginia.

Thomas, Daniel J.

Thomas. John C.

Toole. J. J. Feb. '62 in hospital at Richmond.Va. of disease, June '64

Tucker, Charles P.

Van Brunt, Francis S. April 26, '65 transferred to Co. F. 20th Ga. Cavalry; shot at Hall's Shop, Va. June '64.

West, George H.

Wrede, E. F. April 26, '65

Wood, William F.

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