Muster Roll of the Georgia Seige Artillery

     This is the Muster Roll of the Georgia Seige Artillery stationed 
	at Fort Ward. This muster was taken in May 1865. There were 
	4 Officers and 125 enlisted men. It was found on micro film in 
	the Georgia State Archives.

    Names             Rank       When Enlisted      Where

Charles G. Campbell   Captain      3/63           Bainbridge 
William C. Subers     1st Lieut.   12/31/63       Bainbridge
George W. Pearce      2nd Lieut.   12/31/63       Bainbrigde
Charles E. Campbell   3rd Lieut.   12/31/63       Bainbridge
Robert H. Cockran     1st Sergt.   5/6/63         Bainbridge
Nath Ryals            2nd Sergt.   2/18/63        Albany
A.H.Jones             3rd Sergt.   3/21/63        Bainbridge
J.S. Larcy            4th Sergt.   3/16/63        Bainbridge
Ed Fichter            1st Corpl.   7/22/63        Albany
J.Bush                2nd Corpl.   7/10/63        St. Marks
A.Adams               3rd Corpl.   7/21/63        St. Marks
G.W.Forrester         4th Corpl.   9/19/63        St. Marks

Adams, B.W.           Private       7/21/63       St. Marks
Baggot, M.            Private       8/10/63       St. Marks
Bell, T.J.            Private       1/25/65       St. Marks
Bishop Eph.           Private       4/26/64       St. Marks
Boyce, Jas. M.        Private       9/1/64        St. Marks
Bradford, C.P.        Private       3/21/64       Bainbridge
Boyce, Just.          Private       3/21/64       St. Marks
Butler, Jal. S.       Private       3/21/64       St. Marks
Carr, T.              Private       7/1/64        St. Marks
Cassels, S.           Private       3/24/64       St. Marks
Chastain, Perry       Private       3/21/63       Bainbridge
Chester, A.A.         Private       3/21/63       Bainbridge
Clay, John W.         Private       8/13/63       St. Marks
Cloud, D.C.           Private       9/21/63       Bainbridge
Cloud, R.F.           Private       9/21/63       Bainbridge
Cloud, B.D.C.         Private       12/15/64      St. Marks
Cockran, G.C.         Private       5/6/63        St. Marks
Cockran, M.D.L.       Private       11/3/64       St. Marks
Collins, L.J.         Private       3/21/63       Bainbridge
Collins, Jeff         Private       10/1/63       St. Marks
Conners, Wm.          Private       8/19/63       St. Marks
Cook, M.              Private       8/13/64       St. Marks
Dixion, S.S.          Private       8/10/63       Albany
Dunn, U.F.            Private       6/22/63       Bainbridge
Evans, A.             Private       8/13/63       Bainbridge
Evans, N.S.           Private       8/6/63        Bainbridge
Ferrell, A.           Private       5/6/63        St. Marks
Ferrell, G.W.         Private       3/21/63       Bainbridge
Folds, S.W.           Private       7/12/63       St. Marks
Folds, G.W.           Private       8/8/63        St. Marks
Gandy, H.W.           Private       8/6/63        St. Marks
Gandy, Thos.          Private       3/21/63       Bainbridge
Giddings, P.          Private       6/23/63       St. Marks
Gowans, L.            Private       12/23/64      St. Marks
Grass, Isaac,         Private       7/23/63       St. Marks
Guest, Jas. T.        Private       6/23/63       St. Marks
Hall, Joe             Private       3/21/64       St. Marks
Harrison, B.R.T.      Private       3/21/63       Bainbridge
Harrell, S.D.         Private       8/6/63        Bainbridge
Hatcher, H.M.         Private       8/6/63        St. Marks
Havens, John S.       Private       8/17/63       St. Marks
Havens, G.            Private       7/9/63        St. Marks
Herring, P.H.         Private       7/15/63       St. Marks
Horton, Jus. A.       Private       8/11/63       St. Marks
Hudson, Jos.          Private       2/18/63       St. Marks
Ingram, C.K.          Private       7/18/63       St. Marks
Jenkins, J.H.         Private       5/22/63       St. Marks
Johnson, Albert       Private       9/14/63       Columbus
Johnson Chas.         Private       3/21/63       Bainbridge
Johnson, E.           Private       10/14/63      Columbus
Johnsons, J.D.        Private       3/21/63       Bainbridge
Jones, J.A.           Private       5/6/63        St. Marks
Jones, Ths.           Private       9/22/63       St. Marks
Justice, T.D.K.       Private       10/26/63      St. Marks
Keels, W.J.           Private       8/7/63        St. Marks
Kimbrell,A.J.         Private       9/17/63       St. Marks
Kimbrell, B.          Private       3/21/63       Bainbridge
Kent, H.R.            Private       3/21/63       Bainbridge
Knight, R.H.          Private       3/21/63       Bainbridge     
Lee, J.R.             Private       7/16/63       Bainbridge
Lee, Wm.              Private       3/21/63       Bainbridge
Lavas, Th. P.         Private       1/31/64       St. Marks
Lovett, Jus. R.       Private       4/14/63       St. Marks
Lysky, I.             Private       2/1/65        St. Marks
Lundy, O.P.           Private       7/4/63        St. Marks
Lunn, A.W.            Private       8/15/63       St. Marks
Madge, J.             Private       
Martin, E.J.          Private       3/21/63       Bainbridge
Martin, J.T.          Private       3/21/63       Bainbridge
Martin, W.H.          Private       3/21/63       Bainbridge
Maxwell, Jun. R.      Private       3/21/63       Bainbridge
Maxwell, Jos. W.      Private       4/25/64       St. Marks
Maynard, Ths. J.      Private       1/31/64       St. Marks
Mcleandon, J.J.       Private       3/21/63       Bainbridge
McSwain, J.A.         Private       9/10/63       St. Marks
Miller, W.H.          Private       7/31/63       St. Marks
Montgomery, Wm.       Private       7/26/64       St. Marks
Newberry, F.          Private       7/7/63        St. Marks
Nuedorfer, John       Private       3/21/63       Bainbridge
Nix, L.               Private       3/21/63       Bainbridge
Odum, J.W.            Private       1/31/64       St. Marks
Odum, W.H.            Private       8/10/63       St. Marks
Owens, J.W.           Private       8/10/63       St. Marks
Patterson, J.G.       Prviate       9/10/63       St. Marks
Pearce, J.W.          Private       1/24/64       St. Marks
Penn, Jas. T.         Private       8/5/63        St. Marks
Portervent, J.        Private       12/31/63      St. Marks
Pinson, H.C.          Private       12/29/63      St. Marks
Portervent, W.H.      Private       3/21/63       Bainbridge
Powell, H.G.          Private       6/16/63       St. Marks
Powell, Hugh          Private       2/1/65        St. Marks
Powell, Th.           Private       11/9/64       St. Marks
Roberts, T.J.         Private       1/28/64       St. Marks
Roberts, E.B.         Private       6/23/63       St. Marks
Roberts, D.W.         Private       3/21/63       St. Marks
Roberts, Jas.         Private       4/10/63       St. Marks
Sizemore, A.J.        Private       3/21/63       Bainbridge
Sloan, C.D.           Private       1/21/64       St. Marks
Spooner, A.           Private       7/1/64        St. Marks
Spooner, W.           Private       6/25/63       St. Marks
Stegall, W.H.         Private       6/22/63       St. Marks
Sampson, W.C.         Private       6/22/63       St. Marks
Wardsworth, H.        Private       8/3/63        St. Marks
Wardsworth, L.        Private       3/21/63       St. Marks
West, J.              Private       6/27/64       St. Marks
West, John S.         Private       8/19/63       St. Marks
Wilcox, S.B.          Private       5/18/63       St. Marks
Williams, Grif        Private       3/21/63       St. Marks
Williams, John        Private       8/17/63       St. Marks
Williams, F.          Private       7/10/63       St. Marks
Williams, John B.     Private       3/21/63       Bainbridge
Williams, W.L.        Private       9/1/64        St. Marks
Williams, Jerry       Private       7/24/63       St. Marks
Williams, W.H.        Private       7/24/63       St. Marks
Williams, W.R.        Private       8/7/63        St. Marks
Yarborough, F.S.      Private       3/21/63       Bainbridge