Muster Roll of the Confederate Steam Boat Spray

     Names                   Rate       When Enlisted   Where

H.H. Lewis              Lt. Commader    
C.W.Johnson             Acting Master    
J.H. Loper              1st Asst Engineer
J.V. Cook               Asst. Surgeon
W.S. Houge              Midshipman
H.A. Brantley           Sea               3/3/ 63      St. Marks
John Shipke             1st. C. Fireman   3/2/63       St. Marks
John Hance              1st. C. Fireman   3/16/63      St. Marks
Thomas Kinlock          Landsman          2/26/63      St. Marks
Charles Lee             Seaman            3/2/63       St. Marks
Abram Garo              Seaman            2/26/63      St. Marks
Manuel Romero           Seaman            3/3/63       St. Marks
Manuel Sylvia           Seaman            2/26/63      St. Marks
Robert Wright           B. Mate           3/4/63       St. Marks
William Ellis           Landsman          3/2/63       St. Marks
William Davis           1st C. Boy        3/3/63       St. Marks
Elizah Andrews          C. Mate           3/10/63      St. Marks
John Hutchinson         Ships Steward     3/18/63      St. Marks
Joseph Romaro           Seaman            6/5/63       St. Marks
John Spingler           Seaman            7/16/63      St. Marks
R.G. Atkinson           Landsman          7/28/63      St. Marks
James W. Moore          O. Seaman         8/29/63      St. Marks
Augustus Beirman        G. Mate           10/7/63      St. Marks
David Jones             Seaman            10/7/63      St. Marks
Nicholas Comforter      Seaman            10/7/63      St. Marks
Michael Massena         Off. Cook         10/7/63      St. Marks
Robert Kenan            O. Seaman         10/7/63      St. Marks
J.H. Lems               Landsman          11/1/63      St. Marks
E.D. Waldron            Landsman          1/21/64      St. Marks
J.E. Spencer            Landsman          2/4/64       St. Marks
Edward Gray             Landsman          2/12/64      St. Marks
William Gray            Landsman          2/12/64      St. Marks
J.F. Rollins            Landsman          2/20/64      St. Marks
John Theobald           Seaman            2/28/64      St. Marks
Joseph Curry            1st C. Boy        4/1/64       St. Marks
W.H. Cone               Landsman          4/12/64      St. Marks
F.H. Cone               Landsman          4/18/64      St. Marks
Bishop                  O. Seaman 
J.H. Kelly              O.Seaman
L.A. Masters            O. Seaman
Dennis McCure           Seaman
F.J.Scruggs             O.Seaman
G.W. Edwards            Seaman
J.H. Young              Seaman
James Murphy            O.Seaman
John Murte (?)          O.Seaman
C.E. Nims               Landsman          4/28/64
J.N. Ferrel             Surgeons Steward  9/6/64
John Williams           Landsman          9/20/64
Martin M. Horton        1st C. Boy        10/17/64
John P. Granger         Landsman          11/2/64
Robert Hughes           Landsman          12/7/64
S.(?)B.Manney           Landsman          2/1/65       St. Marks
Jared H. Keene          Landsman          2/23/65      St. Marks
J.F.Lbambias (?)        Landsman          3/24/65      St. Marks
Wm. H. White            Landsman          3/25/65      St. Marks

     Another partial Muster Roll for the Gun Boat Spray in September 1863. 
	Source: Frame #0248 R.G. 365 Treasury Department Collections of Conederate 
	Records Entry 66 Navy Rolls.

     Name                 Rate             

Chas. W. Hays            Lt. Commander
C.W.Johnson              Acting Master
Jno. H. Loper            1st Asst. Engineer
Jno. DeBree              Asst. Surgeon
Jas. V. Cook             Asst. Surgeon on waiting orders
H.A.Brantley             G. Mate
Thos. Kinlock            Ship Steward
John Shipke              1st  C. Fireman
John Hance               Seaman
Hilliard Jefferson       Ship Cook
Charles Lee              1st C. Fireman
Thomas Blyth             1st C. Boy
James Phillips           Seaman
Abram Garo               Seaman
Manuel Romeio            Seaman
Manuel Lybra             Seaman
Rob Wright               B. Mate
Charles Trina (Treiia)   Seaman
Sampson Braswell         Landsman
Emanuel Castillo         3rd C. Boy
William Ellis            Landsman
William Davis            1st C. Boy
Elizah Andrews           Landsman
John Hutchinson          Landsman
Mallony Williams         Landsman
Robert W. Faircloth      Landsman
Joseph Rowan             Seaman
John Sprangler           Seaman
George Davis             Seaman
R.G. Atkinson            Landsman
J.W. Moore               Landsman