Florida 9th Infantry Field and Staff

LAST NAME          FIRST NAME         RNK    MUST IN   MUST OUT  RM1  DETAIL1        DATE1     RM2  DETAIL2         DATE2

MARTIN               JOHN M.           C      4SEP63   9APR65   

MARTIN               JOHN M.           LC     4SEP63            P C

BIRD                 PICKENS           MJ     4SEP63            K COLD HARBOR 3JUN64

SIMMONS                                       4SEP63            ASSISTANT SURGEON; TR HOSPITAL

HAWKINS              T.D.                     4SEP63            ASSISTANT SURGEON; TR HOSPITAL

PICKERTON                                     4SEP63            ASSISTANT SURGEON

OWENS                JAMES             ADJ    4SEP63            

ROGERS               M.A.              ADJ    4SEP63            K COLD HARBOR 3JUN64

PARKER               BEN F.            1L     4SEP63   9APR65   

PEARSON              CHARLES           SMJ    4SEP63   9APR65   

JOHNSON              JAMES H.          QM     4SEP63   9APR65   

LITTLE               JAMES                    4SEP63   9APR65   CHAPLAIN

MCEWEN               R.G.              1L     4SEP63            ENSIGN; DG ILL HEALTH

KING                 RUFUS             1L     4SEP63            ENSIGN


This regiment had no Lieutenant-Colonel or Major after the promotion of Colonel Martin and the

death of Major Bird owing to the fact that General Finnegan wished to promote outsiders to

this position.  Colonel Martin protesting against such appointment on the ground that he had

fine officers who had won promotion by their gallantry.

Information provided by Cosette Lewis
From the book Soldiers of Florida

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