Florida 9th Infantry Co. G

LAST NAME           FIRST NAME       RNK     MUST IN   MUST OUT  RM1  DETAIL1        DATE1     RM2  DETAIL2         DATE2

GARY                 S.M.G.            CN          62          TR TO STAFF OF GENERAL MARTIN GARY WITH RANK OF 1L

BROWN                CHARLES M.        CN          62          P 1L FROM 2L; THEN CN; W SEVEN PINES 31MAY62; OLUSTEE 20FEB64; REAMS STATION 3JUN64

THOMAS                                 1L                       P 1L

BARCO                JOSEPH E          1L                       CP NEAR BALDWIN 7FEB64; SENT TO JOHNSON'S ISLAND, NY WHERE HE D 64

WILLIAMS             E.D.              2L          62          W SEVEN PINES 31MAY62;  OLUSTEE 20FEB64 DG

ARMSTRONG            M.L.              P      JUN63             

ARMSTRONG            M.S.              P                        

BEASLEY              J.F.              P                        

BROOKS               JOSEPH            P                        S; D IN SERVICE

BROOKS               SPENCER           P                        S; MORTALLY W

BROWN                E.F.              P      16MAR64  9APR65   

BROWN                S.R.              P      APR64    9APR65   

BUXTON               L.H.              P      20APR63           TR TO COMPANY K, 1ST RESERVES

CARTER               J.W.              P                        

DEAN                 THADEUS R         P      MAR62             

DUGGER               ROBINSON B        P                        K OLUSTEE 20FEB64

FANT                 VALENTINE         P      SEP62    9APR65   

FRINK                ALBERT H          P                        

GOIN                 S.M.              P      MAR64             

GOOLSBY              PETER             P                        

HALL                 JOHN W            P                        

HUDGENS              H.H.              P                        

KILGORE              S.H.              P                        

LONG                 M.C.              P      18APR62  9APR65   

MCGRATH              W.J.              P                        2S; DESERTED

MCKINNEY             G.W.              P           62          K COLD HARBOR, VA

MARSTON              JOHN W            P      4MAR64   9APR65   W REAMS STATION 3JUN64

MARTIN               JOHN U            P      19FEB63  9APR65   

MILLIGARD            C                 P               9APR65   

MORGAN               T.D.              P               9APR65   

MOORMAN              W.P.              P               9APR65   

NOBLE                JESSE             P      OCT63    9APR65   LOST LEG IN SERVICE

PERKINS              HENRY             P      MAR63    9APR65   

PLUMMER              JOSEPH            P      3JUN63   9APR65   

POTTS                ALLEN             P      15MAR63           DG FROM PRISON 27JUN65

ROBERSON             CHARLES A         P      MAR62    9APR65   LOST ARM AT ANTIETAM, MD 17SEP62

RUSSELL              WILLIAM           P           61 9APR65   SHOT COLD HARBOR, VA 19JUN64

SAVAGE                                 P                        S

SHAW                 HENRY R           P               9APR65   

SMITH                SOLOMON           P               9APR65   

SPEARING                               P                        S

TANNER               T.R.              P           62          W COLD HARBOR, VA 3JUN64; D 30JUN64

TISON                GEORGE W          P                        K COLD HARBOR 3JUN64

THOMPSON             WILLIAM L         P               9APR65   

TURNIPSEED           E.A.              P                        1S; K IN BATTLE

WALLACE              THOMAS J.         P                        W OLUSTEE 20FEB64; D FROM EFFECTS OF

Information provided by Cosette Lewis
From the book Soldiers of Florida

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