Florida 9th Infantry Co. F

LAST NAME           FIRST NAME       RNK     MUST IN   MUST OUT  RM1  DETAIL1        DATE1     RM2  DETAIL2         DATE2

MOOTY                A.P.              CN          62          W & DISABLED OLUSTEE 20FEB64

DUPREE               J.C.              CN          62 9APR65   P CN MAR64 FROM 1L

LOVE                 S.M.              2L                       RS 30OCT63

HOPKINS              J.D.              2L              9APR65   

JOHNSON              DR.               3L                       RS

ADKINS               E.A.              P      FEB62    9APR65   W SEVEN DAYS BATTLE, VA

ALDERMAN             HIRAM             P      AUG62    9APR65   

BAKER                THOMAS            P      APR63    9APR65   

BARTON               WILLIAM           P               9APR65   

BATES                JOHN              P           63          

CALDWELL             JOHN M            P                        

CARLTON              WILLIAM T         P           62 9APR65   

CAUSEY               LEIGHTON E        P                        

CAWTHORN             GEORGE T          P      18APR61           

CROSBY               W.C.              P           63          SHOT AT PETERSBURG, VA, AUG64

DRIGGERS             JAMES A           P      MAR63             

DRIGGERS             ED T              P                        

DRIGGERS             JOHN F            P           61 9APR65   SLIGHTLY WOUNDED TWICE

DRUMMOND             E.L.              P                        

FLEMING              JOHN F            P           62 9APR65   SHOT AT APPOMATTOX COURT HOUSE 7APR65

FULFORD              W.R.              P                        

GALBREATH            CHARLES H         P                        

GASKINS              J.J.H.            P               16FEB62  

GASKINS              T.J.H.            P                        

GILL                 JOSEPH            P      MAR62             W PETERSBURG, VA 15JUL64

GOODSON              A                 P                        

GREEN                W.J.              P      4MAR63   18AUG64  DG FOR DISABILITY

HARPER               M                 P      SEP64             K IN BATTLE 64

HOLMES               DANIEL            P      JAN62             DG FOR DISABILITY, 64

JOHNSON              W.W.              P                        

MADDEN               PATRICK           P               9APR65   

MANN                 JAMES A.          P           62          D OF MEASLES AT LAKE CITY, FLA, 15APR64

MARSH                J.J.              P      MAR63    9APR65   SHOT AT OLUSTEE, FLA, 22FEB64

PETERSON             G.W.              P           61 9APR65   

PRICE                LABAN             P      FEB62    9APR65   

REDDING              W.H.              P               9APR65   

REGISTER             IVY               P               9APR65   

RIVERS               THOMAS            P      JUL62    9APR65   

SHAROUSE             ISRAEL            P           62 9APR65   

SHAVER               D.M.              P               9APR65   

SILL                 JOSEPH            P               9APR65   

SMITH                J.F. SR.          P               9APR65   

SMITH                J.F. JR           P               9APR65   

SAUNDERS             Z.M.              P               9APR65   

TERRELL              JAMES             P                        K OLUSTEE 20FEB64

THOMPSON             W.L.              P               9APR65   

VOGT                 D.A.              P               9APR65   

WAITS                CALVIN            P           62 9APR65   ACCIDENTALLY SHOT AT CAMP FINNEGAN, FLA, P 2CL

WEBB                 J.B.              P      27JUL63  9APR65   

Information provided by Cosette Lewis
From the book Soldiers of Florida

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