Florida 9th Infantry Co. D

LAST NAME           FIRST NAME         RNK    MUST IN  MUST OUT  RM1  DETAIL1        DATE1     RM2  DETAIL2         DATE2

BRYAN                JOHN              CN          62          RS

TUCKER               JAMES             CN                       P CN 10MAY62; W COLD HARBOR 3JUN64

BRYAN                JOSEPH D          1L                       RS AT REORGANIZATION 10MAY62

SCOTT                WILLIAM           1L              9APR65   P 1L

PADGET               T.J.              2L                       RS AT REORGANIZATION 10MAY62

PERRY                JOSEPH            2L                       P 2L; K OLUSTEE 24FEB64

YOUNG                                  2L                       

TURNER               JESSE             2L                       

BURNS                WILLIAM P.        2L              9APR65   2L; COMMANDING COMPANY AT SURRENDER

FINNIGAN             JAMES R           3L                       P 3L

BETHEA               FOSTER C          P                        

BLANTON              D.T.              P               9APR65   P 1S

BOYETT               E.J.              P                        

BROWN                D.C.              P                        

BRYAN                D.S.              P                        S

BRYAN                HARDEE            P                        

BRYAN                N.G.              P                        

BRYAN                P.N.              P                        S

BRYAN                T.J.              P                        

CHANEY               E                 P                        

COWART               DAVID             P                        

COWART               WILLIAM A         P                        P CL

CREWS                BENJAMIN          P                        

CREWS                HENRY             P                        CL

CREWS                J.B.              P                        MUSICIAN

CREWS                JOSEPH            P                        

CREWS                M.L.              P                        

CREWS                S.L.              P                        

DEAS                 JOSEPH            P      APR63             PAROLED AT CLOSE OF WAR

ELLIS                E.H.              P      15AUG63           WAS HOME SICK AT SURRENDER

FLETCHER             C.N.              P                        

FLETCHER             NEWTON            P                        

FULFORD              WILLIAM B.        P                        

GINN                 C.W.              P                        

GLUNER               J.E.              P                        

GRIFFIS              JOEL              P                        

HALL                 N.S.              P                        

HANCOCK              H.                P                        

HANCOCK              S                 P                        

HARRIS               JOHN              P                        

HINTS                DAVID             P                        

HUNTER               E                 P                        

HUNTER               GEORGE            P                        

HUNTER               HAMILTON          P                        

HUNTER               SILAS             P                        

HURNAGE              JOHN C            P                        CL

JOHNSTON             J.E.              P                        

JOHNSTON             JOHN              P                        

JOHNSTON             WILLIAM           P                        K COLD HARBOR, VA JUN64

JOHNSTON             W.A.P             P                        

JOHNSTON             W.R.              P                        

JOHNSTON             W.S.              P                        

KEEN                 DAVID             P                        CL

KEEN                 THOMAS            P                        

KIBEZ                IRA               P                        CL; K OLUSTEE 24FEB64

KNOWLS               R. ALEXANDER      P                        

LANCASTER            JOSEPH D          P                        S

LEE                  HENRY             P                        

LEWIS                E                 P                        

LEWIS                WILLIARD          P                        

MCCALL               C.F.              P                        

MCCALL               J                 P                        

MCCASKILL            A.W.              P                        

MCCLELLAN            GEORGE E          P      MAY61    APR65    

MCDANIEL             THOMAS T          P      JUN64    APR65    

MCEWEN               W.A.              P               APR65    

MCLANE               WILLIAM T         P                        

MEEKS                H.C.              P               APR65    

MITCHELL             THOMAS J          P      OCT63    APR65    W OLUSTEE 20FEB64

MIXON                J.G.              P                        

MIXON                WILLIAM           P               APR65    

NEWBORN              BENJAMIN          P                        

NEWLAN               J                 P                        

NEWLAN               J.R.              P               APR65    MUSICIAN

ODUM                 A                 P                        

OWENS                JOSEPH P          P               APR65    

OGELSBY              FRANCIS           P                        

PADGETT              E                 P                        

PADGETT              JOHN              P                        

PARKER               W.T.              P                        

PEACOCK              M                 P                        

RHYMES               DAVID             P                        S; W & D AT OLUSTEE

ROBERTS              W.N.              P                        

SANDLIN              JESSE R           P                        1S; K COLD HARBOR JUN64

SANDLIN              W.D.              P                        S

SHIRLEY              WARREN            P                        

SILL                 NEWTON            P                        

STAPLETON            ALEXANDER         P                        

STAPLETON            JACKSON           P                        

STARLING             THOMAS            P                        

SUMMERS              J.W.              P                        

TOMBERLIN            WILLIAM           P                        

TYLER                STEPHEN J         P                        

WILLIAMS             WILLIS            P                        

WILLIS               WILLIAM           P      9APR65            S

Information provided by Cosette Lewis
From the book Soldiers of Florida

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