Florida 9th Infantry Co. B

LAST NAME           FIRST NAME         RNK    MUST IN   MUST OUT  RM1  DETAIL1        DATE1     RM2  DETAIL2         DATE2

PEARSON              J.W.              CN                       P LC; W REAMES' STATION 21AUG64;  AND D AUGUSTA, GA ON HIS WAY HOME

HARRISON             R.D.              CN              9APR65   P CN; W COLD HARBOR 3JUN64

MCMEEKIN             FRANCIS           1L              9APR65   P 1L; W COLD HARBOR JUN64

HALL                 DAVID             3L                       D IN SERVICE IN VIRGINIA 64

ROGERO               M.A.              3L                       P 3L; ADJ-GEN AFTER OWENS WAS KILLED AT BATTLE OF GREEN STATION

BANKRIGHT            W.K.              P                        

BLUE                 ARCHIBALD C.      P      21JUN62           

BLOUNT               R.                P                        

BOYLES               L.C.              P                        

BRINSON              J.S.              P                        

BROWNING             NOAH              P      APR63             SHOT AT OLUSTEE, FLA 22FEB64

BULLOCK              P                 P                        D TAMPA HOSPITAL 11JUN63 OF TYPHOID FEVER

CALDWELL             ROBERT A          P                        

CALDWELL             ROBERT C          P                        

CASON                A.J.              P                        

CATHRON              W.D.              P                        

CLEMONS              HENRY             P      MAY62    9APR65   

CONGERS              D                 P                        

DANIELS              W.H.              P                        

ELLIS                AARON             P                        

ELLIS                G.N.              P                        

ELLIS                JAMES             P                        

ELLIS                JOHN              P                        

FERGUSON             R.H.              P                        

FRIER                F.L.              P                        

FUTCH                S                 P                        

GALBRATH             D.C.              P               9APR65   S

GEORGE               L                 P                        

GILLIS               JOHN              P                        S; SURRENDERED; D BEFORE REACHING HOME

GILLIS               NEIL              P                        

GRANTHAM             JOHN              P                        

GRANTHAM             JOHN W.           P                        

HAGGINS              JOHN              P                        

HALL                 B                 P                        

HALL                 J.J.              P                        S

HALL                 JOHN W            P                        SHOT AT OLUSTEE, FLA, 24FEB64

HAMPTON                                P                        

HARRISON             JOHN              P                        

HAWTHORN             W.L.              P                        

HENDERSON            LEVI              P                        

HILL                 M.N.              P                        

HILL                 W                 P                        

HINSON               ALLEN W           P                        CL; SHOT PETERSBURG, VA, 21AUG64

HOBKERK              JAMES             P                        CL

HULL                 ISAAC I           P                        

HUNTER               J.R.              P                        MUSICIAN

HUNTER               R.G.              P                        CL

IVEY                 R.L.              P                        

JOHN                 C.S.              P                        

JOHNSON              J.A.              P                        

KEY                  W                 P                        

LOCKLER              IRWIN             P                        

LUFFMAN              W.H.              P                        

MANNING              J.E.              P                        

MANNING              J.M.              P                        

MARSH                G.W.              P                        

MARTIN               H.E.              P                        1S

MARTIN               J.S.              P               9APR65   

MASON                WILLIAM H.        P               9APR65   

MATCHETT             ENOCH             P                        

MATCHETT             L                 P                        

MATCHETT             S.T.              P               9APR65   

MAY                  JOSEPH N.         P               9APR65   W TURKEY RIDGE, VA 64

MCBRIDE              A.M.              P               9APR65   

MCCRADIE             JOHN L            P                        

MCDERMETT            HIRAM             P               9APR65   

MCERVIN              JOSEPH C          P               9APR65   

MCEWEN               ROBERT G          P      1MAY62   9APR65   W COLD HARBOR, VA 3JUN64

MCNEIL               JOSEPH            P                        

MCRAE                ANGUS             P                        

MCRAE                J                 P               9APR65   

MITCHELL             D.T.              P               9APR65   

MURPHY               E                 P                        

MURPHY               JOHN              P                        

PARKER               L.H.              P               9APR65   

PEARSON              C.G.              P                        

PEARSON              P.G.              P                        MUSICIAN

PIKE                 S.H.              P                        

SAPP                 O                 P                        

SANDERS              FRED              P                        1S

SCOTT                G.L.              P                        

SCOTT                J.B.              P                        

SEQUE                CHARLES DOWNING   P                        

SHALER               S.T.              P                        

SHEROUSE             W.M.              P               9APR65   

SHEROUSE             JAMES             P                        

SHUROUSE             MARION            P                        

SHORTER              WILLIAM F.        P               9APR65   

SHORES               JOSEPH            P                        

SIKES                A.D.              P                        

SIKES                ISAAH             P                        

SIKES                JOSEPH            P                        

SIMMONDS             T.F.              P                        

SMITH                ADAM              P                        

SMITH                JOHN              P                        

STEVENS              CHRISTOPHER C     P               9APR65   

STEVENS              S                 P                        

STRICKLAND           A                 P                        

SYLVESTER            W                 P                        

TOMPKINS             ALFRED D          P      MAY62    9APR65   

TOMPKINS             JOHN W            P      MAR62    9APR65   SHOT ON WELDON RAILROAD, VA 21AUG64

TURNER               GEORGE W          P               9APR65   W PETERSBURG, VA 22AUG64

WALDRON              DAVID E           P      MAY62    9APR65   

WALDRON              M                 P                        

WALKER               ELIAS             P               9APR65   

WATERBURY            HORACE W          P               9APR65   

WELLS                A.A               P                        

WELLS                GEORGE W.         P               9APR65   

WELLS                S.J.              P                        

WELLS                T.N.              P                        

WIMBERLY             J.T.              P                        

WIMBERLY             J.I.              P               9APR65   

WHIDDEN              JOHN H.           P               9APR65   

WILLIAMS             THOMAS W          P               9APR65   

Information provided by Cosette Lewis
From the book Soldiers of Florida

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