Florida 2nd Cavalry Co. H

DICKINSON      J.J.           CN   AUG62            
MCARDLE        W.A.           1L   AUG62            
BRANTLEY       D.F.S.         2L   AUG62            RESIGNED 11JUN63
MCEADDY        W.J.           3L                    
ANDERSON       DAVID                    63 20MAY65  W GAINESVILLE, FLA., JULY 64
ARNOLD         DANIEL J.           16MAY63          
BARNARD        A.E.                                 S
BARNARD        C.J.                                 
BARNARD        C.O.                AUG62            S
BARROW         ELIJAH              JUL63   20MAY65  
BAUGHAM        E                                    
BAUKNIGHT      J.P.                                 
BAYA           JOSEPH                               IM FORT DELAWARE 64; PAROLED FROM THERE
BELL           J.B.                                 
BENNETT        DANIEL                               P 1S
BERRY          SAMPSON                              
BLACKWILDER    D                                    
BLACKWILDER    F                                    
BLOUNT         J.L.                                 
BOROUGHS       R.B.                                 SURGEON
BOYLES         GEORGE  W.          JAN65            
BRADDOCK       H.E.                                 
BRANTLEY       W.A.                                 
BRANTLEY       WILLIAM M.                           
BROCK          R.D.                                 
BROWN          JOHN                                 
BROWN          S.R.                                 
CAIN           W.D.                                 
CARLTON        J.A.                                 
CARUTHERS      A.L.                AUG62   20MAY65  
CARUTHERS      WILLIAM W.          1AUG64  20MAY65  
CASSELS        WILLIAM H.                           
CASSON         J.                                   
CLIFTON        DANIEL JR.                           
CLIFTON        F.M.                                 
CLIFTON        HENRY J                              
CLIFTON        J.C.                                 
COOPER         ELI                 OCT62            
COX            WILLIAM                              S
CREWS          JOSEPH C.           22OCT64          W 4NOV NEAR CEDAR KEYS, FLA
CROW           E.H.                                 
CURRY          LAWTON                               
DELL           J.M.                                 
DENTON         G.S.                                 
DICKER         L.M.                                 
DICKINSON      CHARLES B.          AUG62            S; K PALATKA 2AUG64
DOZIER         H.C.                                 S
DOUGLASS       WILLIAM                  64          
FORT           JOSEPH                      20MAY65  
FUSSELL        J.W.                                 
GEIGER         JOHN F.                              
GIBSON         C.T.                                 
GRANTHAM       E.                                   
HALL           B.A.                                 
HALL           J.                                   
HALL           LLOYDE                               
HALL           WILLIAM M.          15AUG62          W BY ACCIDENT AT PALATKA 1FEB63 NEAR
                                                    GREEN COVE SPRINGS; AGAIN GAINESVILLE 17AUG64
HARDEN         J.                                   
HARRIS         JOHN                                 
HARRIS         WILLIAM R.                           
HARRISON       JAMES                                
HARRISON       WILLIAM H.               63          
HEWETT         J.L.                        20MAY65  
HINSON         A.J.                                 
HIERS          DAVID O.                             
HIERS          J.M.                                 
HODGES         E.D.                                 
JOHNS          ANDREW J                    20MAY65  
JOHNS          ERVIN               AUG62   20MAY65  
JOHNS          JACOB                                
JOHNS          J.M.                                 
JOHNS          LEWIS                                
JOHNS          PERRY                                
JOHNSON        JOHN                                 
JONES          ROBERT                               
JOSEPHS        M.G.                                 
KITE           JOHN                17SEP62 20MAY65  
LANIER         JAMES                                
LANIER         JOHN                                 
LANIER         J.S.                                 
LANIER         JOHN W.                              
LANIER         ROBERT                               
LOW            L. SAMUEL           20MAY62 20MAY65  
MARSH          R                           20MAY65  
MEDICI         F.A.                                 
MEYER          B.F.                                 CL
MILLER         R.W.                                 
MONROE         D.S.                                 
MORGAN         J.P.                                 
ODUM           L.W.                                 
OSTEEN         W                           20MAY65  P L AND ACTING COMMISSARY OF 1ST REGT, CAVALRY
PETERS         A.H.                     63 20MAY65  
PIGGOTT        T.G.                                 CL
POWELL         L                                    
PREVATT        JAMES                                
PRUDEN         H.J.                                 
RICHARDSON     B                                    
RIVERS         JOHN P                      20MAY65  
ROBERTS        W.N.                                 CL
ROBERTSON      JOHN M              SEP63   20MAY65  
ROGERS         ALBERT                      20MAY65  
ROGERS         JOHN                        20MAY65  
ROYAL          IVEY                SEP63   20MAY65  
ROZIER         C.H.                                 
SABOTE         PAUL E.                     20MAY65  
SANDERS        MCQUENN                              
SHAW           D                                    
SHELDON        R.S.                                 
SIMPSON        J.H.                                 CL
SLIGH          SAMUEL P                    20MAY65  
SMITH          E.W.                        20MAY65  
SMITH          R.H.                        20MAY65  
SPIVEY         G.W.                        20MAY65  
STEWMAN        W.D.                     63 20MAY65  
STRICKLAND     J.B.                SEP63   20MAY65  
TAYLOR         ALEXANDER                   20MAY65  
THOMAS         A.M.                        20MAY65  
THOMAS         CHARLES             SEP62   20MAY65  
THOMAS         JAMES M             OCT63   20MAY65  
THOMAS         JOHN                        20MAY65  
THOMAS         JOSEPH R            15NOV64 20MAY65  
                                                    THEN CARRIED TO SHIP ISLAND WHERE HE REMAINED
                                                    UNTIL THE CLOSE OF THE WAR
WARD           J.J.                AUG62            S
WATSON         M.D.                AUG62   20MAY65  
WEATHERSBEE    GEORGE                      20MAY65  
WEEKS          R.B.                        20MAY65  
WOOD           J.A.J.W.            15AUG62          
WOOD           WARREN              AUG62            
WRIGHT         H                           20MAY65  

Information provided by Cosette Lewis
From the book Soldiers of Florida