Florida 2nd Cavalry Co. G

CONE           W.H.           CN    12AUG63          
SHEFFIELD      W.A.           1L    12AUG63          
WARREN         SOLOMON        2L    12AUG63          
WEEKS          W.T.           2L    12AUG63          
BARRENTON      H                    12AUG63          
BETHEA         F.C.                 12AUG63          
BEILLING       JOHN W.              12AUG63          ARTIFICER; ABSENT SICK
BEVILL         S.P.                 1FEB65           ABSENT SICK
BEVILL         JOHN R               31JAN64          CL; ABSENT SICK
BROOKS         JOHN W               12AUG63          
BRYANT         L                    12AUG63          ABSENT WITH LEAVE
BRAYNT         J.L.                 29AUG63          
BRYANT         T.I.                 9DEC64           
CONE           C.F.                 2DEC63           FARRIER
CANOVA         A.B.                 12APR63          CL
CONE           J.B.                 2SEP63           ABSENT WITH LEAVE
CHESIHERE      A.                   12AUG63          
CHESHIRE       J.P.                 16FEB63          
COLSON         M.D.                 12OCT63          ABSENT WITH LEAVE
COLSON         S.B.                 14OCT63          ABSENT SICK
FETNER         J.Z.                 29AUG63          
FANNELL        J.P.                 15AUG63          ABSENT SICK
FEAGLE         H                    29AUG63          ABSENT WITH LEAVE
FLOYD          D                    12AUG63          BUGLER
GOODBREAD      J.S.                 13JAN64          
GOODBREAD      J.T.                 9DEC64           
GAYLARD        N.R.                 12AUG63          ABSENT ON SPECIAL DUTY
GEIGER         J.W.                 16MAY62          
HUNT           THOMAS H.            12AUG63          ABSENT SICK
HUNT           A.                   29AUG63          
HUNT           W.N.                 20MAY64          
HIGGINBOTHAM   E.C.                 1SEP64           
HANCOCK        G.W.                 12AUG63          
HOWARD         H.                   12AUG63          AWOL
JACKSON        W.B.                 29AUG63          POW
JACKSON        ISHAM                17AUG63          ABSENT SICK
JORDAN         DAVID                12AUG63          CL
KEITH          C.H.                 29AUG63          
LOVE           P.E.                 10AUG61          
LEE            E.S.                 25JAN64          ABSENT WITH LEAVE
LEE            H.M.                 25JAN64          
LIMEBERGER     L.W.                 6DEC64           
LAMB           J.J.                 12AUG63          AWOL
LANGFORD       TAFF                 1APR65           AWOL
MAY            THOMAS I.            12AUG63          AWOL
MCCASKILL      THOMAS               12AUG63          
MICKLER        WILLIAM              12AUG63          ABSENT ON SPEICAL DUTY
MILTON         H.R.                 12AUG63          
MILTON         WILLIAM H.                            IM AT NEWPORT NEWS; P JUL65
MORGAN         L.M.                 16MAY62          
MCKAY          JIT                  15NOV63          ABSENT ON SPECIAL DUTY
MCINNIS        SAMUEL               12AUG63          S
O'NEILL        C.C.                 1FEB65           AWOL
PARRISH        R                    12AUG63          
PENNINGTON     W.P.                 12FEB64          
PRATT          W.H.                 12AUG63          
PARKER         H.C.                 3SEP63           
PICKETT        J.L.                 1SEP64           
REDDING        T.C.                 20FEB65          ABSENT SICK
RENFROE        J.E.                 12AUG63          
RAMSEY         ELI                  12AUG63          BUGLER
RAMSEY         C.A.                 25NOV63          
ROGERO         E                    12AUG63          
ROUSSEAU       J.L.                 28JAN64          
SMITH          E.M.                 12APR63          S
SMITH          J.G.                 12AUG63          ABSENT SICK
SMITH          N                    12AUG63          ABSENT ON SPECIAL DUTY
SMITH          A.S.                 12AUG63          CL
SMITH          F.M.                 11JAN63          
SUTTON         W.B.                 12AUG63          POW
STANCIL        J.P.                 12AUG63          ABSENT SICK
STEPHENS       J.K.                 12AUG63          AWOL
SWIFT          THOMAS               12AUG63          
SANFORD        M.J.                 12AUG63          
SEIGLER        M                    12AUG63          AWOL
THOMPSON       J.E.                 12AUG63          ABSENT SICK
TURNER         L                    29JUL64          
TURNER         O.L.                 1DEC64           
THOMAS         E                    1APR65           AWOL
WIMBERLY       W.B.                 12AUG63          ABSENT SICK
WALDRON        K.S.                 15AUG63          
WARREN         J.J.                 11MAY62          ABSENT WITH LEAVE
WHILDEN        M.J.                 13NOV64          
WINGATE        J.B.                 9DEC64           AWOL
ALFORD         W.R.                                  
DANIELS        N                                     
RAULERSON      FRANK                                 

Information provided by Cosette Lewis
From the book Soldiers of Florida