Florida 11th Infantry Co. F


TANNER               JOHN                 CN                        
MALONE               Y.J.                 1L                        
CURRY                WHITMILL             2L                        
MCCLELLAN            LAFAYETTE            3L                        
ANDERSON             D                    P                         P S; DESERTED
ATWELL               Z                    P                         CP
AVERY                F                    P                         W WELDON RAILROAD
AVERRY               M                    P                26APR65  
BAKER                D                    P                         D RICHMOND, VA
BAKER                W.A.                 P                9APR65   2CL
BERCH                D                    P                         DESERTED
BERCH                MOSES                P                         DESERTED
BEST                 JOHN E               P      MAY63          64 DISABILITY
BEST                 W.A.                 P                         
BROWN                                     P                         
BURTON               C                    P                         1CL; DESERTED
BURTON                                    P                9APR65   
CAIN                 W.E.                 P                         
CAIN                                      P                         
CAIN                                      P                9APR65   
COOK                                      P                         
COOLEY               A                    P                9APR65   
COLLIER              W.A.                 P                         2S
COOPER               WILLIAM H.           P                         
CRADOCK              H                    P                         3S
CRUCHFIELD           JOHN                 P      MAY63          63 DISABILITY
CRUMPLE                                   P                         
DANIELS              J.A.                 P                         4CL
DAVIS                                     P                9APR65   
DENNIS                                    P                         CP AT THE DOWNFALL
DUNCAN               J                    P                9APR65   
ELLIS                JOSEPH               P                9APR65   
ELMORE               J                    P                9APR65   
FALANA               G.K.                 P                         
FINCH                JOHN E               P                         
FOWLER               D                    P                         DESERTED
FOWLER               J                    P                         DESERTED
FOWLER               W                    P                         DESERTED
GLISON               H                    P                         
GODWIN               A                    P                         
GLOVER               L.T.                 P                         1S; CP PETERSBURG 65
HALL                 D                    P                         DESERTED
HALL                 JOHN                 P                9APR65   
HALL                 WEST                 P                9APR65   
HINSON               FRANCIS              P                         
HINSON               G.A.                 P                         4S; P
HINSON               JAMES H.             P                9APR65   
HOUSTON              J.W.                 P                9APR65   
JACKSON              W.A.                 P                         5S
JACOBS               WILLIAM ALASON       P                         W PETERSBURG; D 13JUL64
JONES                W.C.                 P                         
JORDAN               J                    P                         
KIMBOL                                    P                         
KYSER                P                    P                         
LASSITER             BREVARD              P                         
MCKNIGHT                                  P                         
MILLS                J                    P                         
MILLS                R                    P                9APR65   
MILLER                                    P                9APR65   W PETERSBURG
MOONEY               E                    P                9APR65   
NASH                 W.F.                 P      MAY62     9APR65   CP PETERSBURG 10AUG64; IM POINT LOOKOUT, MD; EXCHANGED AT CLOSE OF WAR
NEWSOME              E.D.                 P                9APR65   (PAROLED?) FROM NEWPORT NEWS PRISON
NICHOLS              J.                   P                         
NICHOLS              Z                    P                         
PARISH               E                    P                         
PARISH               ELI                  P                         
PARISH               H                    P                         
PARISH               JAMES K              P                         
PAUL                 JOHN W.              P                9APR65   SHOT AT PETERSBURG, VA 15SEP64
PAUL                 WILBORN              P                9APR65   
PAULK                D                    P                         
PAULK                MICAJAH              P                9APR65   
PETERS               W                    P                         DESERTED
PILCHER              DWIN                 P                         
PILCHER                                   P                         
PREVALL              D                    P                         
PITCHER              S                    P                         
PRICE                JOHN                 P                9APR65   CP FARMVILLE 6APR65; IM JOHNSON'S ISLAND; PAROLED 19JUN65
REGISTER             BURKEL               P                9APR65   3CL
REGISTER             E                    P                         
REGISTER             T                    P                         
REGISTER             W.J.                 P                9APR65   
RIDLEY               J.W.                 P                         
SHIVER                                    P                         
SEMLIN               L                    P                         DESERTED
SLATER               S                    P                         
SMITH                B                    P                         
TAYLOR                                    P                         
WALDING              SEABORN              P                9APR65   
WATFORD              J                    P                         D SAVANNAH, GA HOSPITAL
WATFORD              NELSON                      APR63     9APR65   
WILLIAMS             W                    P                         
WHITE                J                    P                9APR65   CP PETERSBURG
YEARBY               W                    P                         
YAWN                 H.G.D.               P      MAY63     9APR65   CP 6APR65 & IM NEWPORT NEWS UNTIL PAROLED

Information provided by Cosette Lewis
From the book Soldiers of Florida