Florida 11th Infantry Co. E


BEGGS                CHARLES              CN                        P CN; RS 1MAR65
COFFEE               A.J.                 1L                        
MCLEOD               ONEAL                2L               9APR65   
ADAMS                RILEY                P      MAR63              D OF MEASLES AT HOSPITAL IN VA 3JUN64
BLAIR                W.B.                 P                         
BLAIR                W.T.                 P                9APR65   CL
BLALOCK              T.J.                 P                         
BRADLEY              JESSE J.             P            63          
CAMPBELL             ALEX N.              P      FEB63     9APR65   
CLARK                G.W.                 P                         
CAULK                J.J.                 P      FEB63              WAS HOME ON FURLOUGH AT CLOSE OF WAR
DAVIS                J.R.                 P                         
DEVANE               JAMES                P                         
DUKES                W.L.                 P      MAR63              
DUKES                WILLIAM T.           P      MAR36              
EVERITTE             JOHN L.              P      8MAR63    9APR65   
GAUDY                H.R.                 P      SEP63     9APR65   
HERRING              J.E.                 P                       
HINELY               LEWIS L.             P                         
JARVIS               REUBEN               P                         
LEE                  FARMER               P                         
MCCALL               THOMAS J.            P                9APR65   
MCDANIEL             B.F.                 P                9APR65   
MCDAVID              BENJAMIN F.          P                9APR65   
MCGREW               JOHN C.              P                9APR65   
MASON                H.G.                 P                9APR65   
MORROW               JAMES A.             P                         D AT HOME 9SEP64 WHILE ON FURLOUGH
PERT                 WILLIAM A.           P      28FEB63            PAROLED FROM PRISON JUL65
POWELL               J.R.                 P      JUN62     9APR65   W PETERSBURG, VA 20FEB65
RUTHERFORD           J.J.                 P                         
SHUEN                MALACHI              P                9APR65   
SNIPES               URICH                P      15AUG62            W WELDON RAILROAD, VA 21AUG63; AGAIN AT HIGH BRIDGE, VA 6APR64
STANTON              THOMAS               P                9APR65   
SUTTON               DAVID S.             P                9APR65   DG FOR DISABILITY 64
TEDDER               DANIEL W.            P                9APR65   
THOMAS               JOHN S.              P                9APR65   
THOMAS               L.A.M.               P            63 9APR65   P S
TOWNSEND             E.                   P                9APR65   
TOWNSEND             JOSEPH               P                         
TOWNSEND             L.                   P      28FEB63   9APR65   SHOT AT PETERSBURG, VA 9JUL64
WALKER               JAMES                P                9APR65   
WASHINGTON           R.T.                 P      FEB63     9APR65   
WHITE                R.M.                 P                9APR65   
YOUNG                THOMAS               P                         K WELDON RAILROAD, VA AUG64

Information provided by Cosette Lewis
From the book Soldiers of Florida