Florida 11th Infantry Co. D


OCHUS                ADAMS A.             CN                        RS 64
PRICE                JOHN JR.             CN                        P 1L, THEN CN 64; CP 6APR65; IM JOHNSON'S ISLAND; PAROLED 19JUN65
BROWN                MOSES J.             1L                        RE-ENLISTED IN CO G, 2ND INFANTRY; P 1L 64
WINTER               JAMES L.             2L                        ELECTED 2L; D VA 64
PRICE                JAMES M.             2L                        P S, THEN L 64
O'HEARN              J.D.                 3L                        RS 64
ADAMS                GEORGE WASH          P                         HONORABLY DG
ADAMS                JOHN Q.              P                         HONORABLY DG
ANDREW               JEROME C.            P                         HONORABLY DG
ANDREW               THOMAS A.            P                9APR65   
ANDERSON             GEORGE W.            P            63          
AUBERT               EDWARD               P                         HONORABLY DG
BABER                J.                   P                         
BARRON               JOHN                 P                         DESERTED
BARRON               WILLIAM              P                         DESERTED
BECK                 E                    P                         DESERTED
BELL                 W.P.                 P                         
BORRSKY              JOHN                 P                         DESERTED
BORY                 MAXEY                P                         DESERTED
BOX                  JOHN S.              P                         DESERTED
BRADLEY              BEN                  P                         CP & PAROLED FROM PRISON
BRADLEY              JOHN                 P                         
BROER                JOHN                 P                         HONORABLY DG
BROWN                G.C.                 P                         CL
BROWN                J.C.                 P                         CP & PAROLED FROM PRISON 19JUN65
BURNEY               WILLIAM C.           P                         DESERTED
BURBANK              D.L.                 P                         
CARMICHEAL           J.G.                 P                         DESERTED
CANOVA               R.                   P                         HONORABLY DG
CANOVA               TAYLOR               P                         
CHAMPLIN             JOHN W.              P                         CP 6APR65; PAROLED FROM PRISON 19JUN65
COPELAND             CHARLES              P                         DESERTED
CHRISTOPHER          JOHN                 P                         
CRENSHAW             H.C.                 P                         
CRENSHAW             MUSCO C.             P                         K PETERSBURG
CRIMESHOLD                                P                         
DANFORD              ISAAC                P                         DESERTED
DANFORD              THOMAS               P                         DESERTED
DAVIS                JOHN                 P                         CP 6APR65; PAROLED FROM PRISON JUN65
ELLACK               WILLIAM              P                         
FLYNN                JAMES                P                         HONORABLY DG
FLYNN                J.E.                 P                         DESERTED
GARDNER              ISAAC                P                         D 63
GRIFFIS              JAMES H.             P                         DESERTED
HAMMOND              ELIAS                P                         DESERTED
HAWKINS              S.M.                 P                         
HERNDON              URBIN C.             P                         S; W & WAS HOME ON FURLOUGH AT CLOSE OF WAR
HIGGENBOTHAM         LEWIS                P                         
HOGAN                JOHN E.              P                         
HOLGERSON            R.H.                 P                9APR65   
HOUSTON              LEWIS                P      MAY63              S; W PETERSBURG AND THE WILDERNESS; IM & PAROLED AT CLOSE OF WAR.
HOUSTON              LEWIS C.             P                         
HURLBERT             HENRY                P                         
HURSEY               SAMUEL               P                         HONORABLY DG
JACKMAN              JOSEPH F.            P                         HONORABLY DG
JACKSON              JAMES                P                         DESERTED
JACKSON              WILLIAM              P                         DESERTED
JOHNS                ISAAC                P                         DESERTED
JONES                HILARIE              P                         LOST ARM AT WELDON R.R. 21AUG64
JONES                JAMES A.             P                         HONORABLY DG
KNOWLES              A.J.                 P                         DESERTED
LAMB                 T.B.                 P                9APR65   S
LAND                 F                    P                         S; HONORABLY DG
LOWE                 WESLEY               P                         DESERTED
LOWE                 COLUMBUS             P                         DESERTED
LUCUS                JAMES C.             P                         CL; HONORABLY DG
MCCALL               S.W.                 P                         CL
MCCORMICK            A.T.                 P      FEB63              DG OCT64 FOR DISABILITY
MCCORMICK            F                    P                         
MCCORMICK            W.B.                 P                9APR65   
MCGEE                BENJAMIN             P                         DG FOR DISABILITY
MCKINLEY             JOHN D.              P                         DG; FURNISHED SUBSTITUTE
MAYS                 GEORGE H.            P                9APR65   W WHITE HOUSE STATION, VA 21AUG64
MEAD                 GEORGE               P                         
MIXON                W                    P                         DESERTED
MOLDWIN              D.E.                 P                         
MOODY                H.M.                 P                         1S; DESERTED
MURRAY               ORRICK B.            P      1APR63             W 21AUG64; CP 6APR65; IM NEWPORT NEWS; PAROLED 19JUN65
NEASON               J.P.E.               P                         CP 6APR65; PAROLED 19JUN65
NOLAN                JOHN                 P                         
NOWLING              N                    P                         
ORMAND               J.N.                 P      JUL64     9APR65   
ORMAND               M.H.                 P                9APR65   
PADGETT              JOHN                 P                9APR65   
PASSMORE             A.G.                 P                         CP PETERSBURG
PATTERSON            JAMES H.             P                         CP PETERSBURG
PICKETT              H.C.                 P                         
PICKETT              JOHN W.              P                         DESERTED
PICKETT              WILLIAM L            P                         P 1S
PICKETT              W.S.                 P                         S; DESERTED
POPE                 JOHN                 P      1MAR63    9APR65   W IN BATTLE BY FALLING TIMBERS NEAR PETERSBURG
PLUMMER              ROBERT               P                         CL; DESERTED
PRESCOTT             W.                   P                         DESERTED
REED                 CHARLES              P                         HONORABLY DG
REGISTER             AARON                P                         HONORABLY DG
ROBERTS              C                    P                         
ROBERTS              EMMERIC              P                         
ROBERTS              FRANK M.             P                         HONORABLY DG
ROBERTS              THOMAS               P                         DESERTED
ROSS                 JOHN                 P                         
SIEBALL              JACOB                P                         CL
SILCOX               JAMES                P                         HONORABLY DG
SPARKMAN             ALFRED               P                         DESERTED
SPARKMAN             JOHN                 P                         DESERTED
SPIERS               WILLIAM              P                         DESERTED
STUCKEY              JOHN                 P                         K
TAYLOR               JAMES                P                         
TEDDER               BENJAMIN             P                         HONORABLY DG
TEDDER               GEORGE W.            P                         CP 6APR65; PAROLED 19JUN65
TEDDER               JOHN                 P                         
URWICH               BURNETT              P      13JUL61            
WILLIAMS             ALFRED               P                         DESERTED
WINGATE              ROBERT               P                         
WINGATE              WILSON               P                         
WITCHER              C                    P                         
WOODLIN              A.B.                 P                         DESERTED

Information provided by Cosette Lewis
From the book Soldiers of Florida