Florida 11th Infantry Co. A


ROBINSON             W.J.                 CN                        RS 14JAN64
ERWIN                JOHN M.              1L                        
PADGETT              JOHN                 2L                        RS 11FEB64
MANCILL              E.J.                 3L                        RS 12JAN64
GAINER               JAMES W.             3L                        
BAXTER               ISRAEL               P                         CL
BECKWITH             JOSHUA               P                         
BECKWITH             WILLIAM              P                         
BENNETT              SILAS                P                         
BENNETT              TAYLOR               P                         
BOGGS                JOHN G.W.G.          P                         
BROWN                B.B.                 P                         
BROWN                HENRY                P                         
BURE                 JAMES A.             P                         S
CARTER               J.F.                 P                         
CARTER               J.W.                 P                         
CHERRY               M.K.                 P                         
CHRISTMAS            J.M.                 P                         
CLOUD                D.I.                 P                         
CLOUD                JOHN                 P                9APR65   
COONROD              JOHN                 P      1JUN62    9APR65   
CRAWFORD             WILLIAM R.           P                         
DANIEL               JAMES                P                         
DANIEL               LUMPKIN M.           P                         
DAVIS                H.B.                 P                         
DAVIS                WILLIAM E.           P                         
DECKLE               LITTLETON            P                         
DICKSON              COLUMBUS             P                         CL
DICKSON              J.A.                 P                         
DICKSON              LEWIS                P                         
DYKES                JOSEPH C.            P                9APR65   PAROLED FROM POINT LOOKOUT PRISON
EDENFIELD            W.M.                 P                         
ENDFINGER            JOHN                 P                         
ENDFINGER            VICK                 P                         
EVERETT              HENRY C.             P                         
EVERETT              WILLIAM              P      APR63     11JAN65  
FINK                 J.E.                 P                         
FUTCH                JOHN E.              P                         
FOLSOM               J.Y.                 P                         
GAINER               J.                   P                         
GODWIN               JOHN                 P                         
GOMILLIAN            ANDREW J.            P                         DD MARIANNA, FLA., 5JAN64
GRIFFIN              A.J.                 P                         
GRIFFIN              SILAS                P                         
GRUBBS               WILLIAM              P                9APR65   
HAGIN                JAMES H.             P                         
HANCOCK              JAMES                P                         
HATTON               S.J.                 P                         
HEMING               A.C.                 P                         
HINSON               BURT A.              P                         
IRWIN                HENRY                P                         
JACOBS               ALLERSON             P                         W PETERSBURG, VA 13JUN64; D IN HOSPITAL
JACKSON              M.A.                 P                         
JACKSON              M.V.                 P                         
JOHNSON              J.P.                 P                         
JOHNSON              STEPHEN E.           P                         
JOHNSON              THOMAS               P                         
JONES                D.G.                 P                9APR65   
JONES                JAMES M.             P                         
JONES                J. PITTMAN           P                         K IN BATTLE AT THE "CRATER," VA 64
KEMP                 D.A.                 P                         CL
KNOWLES              A.S.                 P                         
KNOWLES              CHARLES              P                         
LAUNIVZE             RUSSELL              P                         
LAUNIOXE             THOMAS H.            P                         
LAUNIOZE             ZACHARIAH            P                         
LEE                  AMASIAH              P                         D (date not given)
LEDGER               MOSES S.             P                         
LIFFORD              WILLIAM E.           P                         
LOCKHART             J.M.                 P      AUG61              P CL; W PETERSBURG 22AUG64
MALAMBRE             J.A.                 P                         S
MCLELLAND            DANIEL               P                         
MCCLELLAND           JOHN P.M.            P                         
MCDANIEL             A.J.                 P                         
MCDANIEL             COLUMBUS             P                         
MCDANIEL             JAMES                P                         
MCDONALD             LUMPKIN C.           P                         
MCDONALD             LUMPKIN              P                9APR65   
MCMATH               H.                   P                9APR65   
MCMILLAN             B.F.                 P                         
MERCER               SILAS N.             P                         
MERCER               W.T.                 P                         
NEWSOME              DRED                 P                9APR65   
NEWSOME              E.D.                 P                9APR65   
NICKOLS              J.J.                 P                         
NIXON                DANIEL G.            P                         
NIXON                JAMES                P                         
OWENS                WILLIAM E.           P                         
PADGETT              WILLIAM              P                         S
PADGETT              JOHN W.              P                         
PAGE                 CALLEN               P                         
PITMAN               IRVIN                P                         
PORTER               JOHN H.              P                         
RAMSEY               JOHN A.              P                         
REGISTER             BURRELL              P                9APR65   
RIGSBY               J.A.                 P                9APR65   
RIGSBY               T.W.                 P                9APR65   
ROBINSON             J.C.                 P                         
SCOTT                JAMES F.             P                15AUG63  DISABILITY
SKETOE               WARREN               P                         
SKETOE               WILLOUGHBY           P                         
SLATER               SANDEN               P                         
SILCOX               D                    P                9APR65   
SOWELL               JESSE                P      3FEB63    28FEB65  DISABILITY
SOWELL               WORLEY               P                9APR65   
SNEAD                A                    P                         CL
STEPHENS             JAMES                P                         
STRANGE              WILLIAM              P                         
TAYLOR               JOHN W.              P      DEC62     9APR65   
TYUS                 P.P.                 P                         S
TYUS                 P.G.                 P      AUG61     9APR65   PAROLED FROM PRISON AT ELMIRA, NY
WADE                 DANIEL               P                         
WADE                 SAMUEL               P                         
WADFORD              MICHAEL              P                9APR65   SHOT AT RICHMOND, VA; PETERSBURG. 64
WALDING              SEABORN              P                         
YEARBY               WILLIAM J.           P      JAN63     9APR65   TR TO CN  FARMER'S COMPANY
YORK                 THOMAS               P                         

Information provided by Cosette Lewis
From the book Soldiers of Florida