Witte 3-1/2 HP

  • Witte 3-1/2 Hp throttle governed engine...In need of some work. Various parts have
    been repaired. More photos to come."PHOTO"

  • View #1 of head and carb damage. The piece from the head was missing."PHOTO"

  • View #2 the carb had frozen and been repaired once in the past."PHOTO"

  • Head with piece of iron pipe welded in. "PHOTO"

  • Head repair in progress. "PHOTO"

  • Head primed. "PHOTO"

  • Carb cleaned up and ready for brazing. "PHOTO"

  • Carb brazed and ready to prine. "PHOTO"

  • Broken gear, a total of 6 teeth missing from 4 locations."PHOTO"