Roll Company C--5th Florida Infantry CSA


William D. Bloxham April, '62 - Transferred to Quartermaster Dept. Madison, Fla.

1st Lieutenant

I. Mcquenn Auld April, '62 -April 9,'65 2nd Sergeant; promoted to 1st Lieutenant

after battle ofSharpsburg Sep. 17, '62

commanded company at surrender.

2nd Lieutenants

Mathew Lively Discharged,'62, for disability.

Alexander L. Bull April '62 1st Sergeant; promoted 3rd Lieutenant; then:2nd Lieutenant.

3rd Lieutenants

James D. Galbraith Discharged, '62, for consumption.

Leroy Allen Feb. 27,'62-April 9,'65 Promoted 3rd Lieutenant; wounded at Cold Harbor June 5,'64.


Allen, Joseph Feb. 27,'62-April 9,'65 Promoted Sergeant.

Alligood, Charles S. Mar. 28,'62 April 9,'65 Shot at Gettysburg July 3,'63.

Alligood, James Wounded, Chancellorsville May 4.'63.

Atkinson, Stephen

Atkinson, Wiley L. Wounded, Gettysburg July 3,'63.

Barefoot, Thomas R.

Barloa, John S.

Bariman, Elias Killed, Gettysburg July 3, 63.

Barnes, Elias

Brown, William J. '61- '62 Expiration of term; re-enlisted August,'62, in W.D. Bloxham's Co.; shot at the Wilderness, Va.

Bruce, Robert L.

Bryan, Joseph L. Feb. 22,'62-April 9,'65 Promoted Sergeant; wounded at Petersburg, Va.

Carroll, William

Comparett, John B. Killed, Charlottsville; buried in cemetery of the

University of Virginia.

Conner, Martin C.

Daughtery, James

Daughtery, William

Davis, Washington J

Dudley, Rufus M. Wounded, Gettysburg July 3, '63.

Eppes, Nicholas W. Transferred from Co. M 2nd Regiment; appointed

Sergeant-Major; promoted 2nd Lieutenant, for

gallantry at the battle of Gettysburg, and tranu-

ferred to 1st Cavalry.

Fairbanks, Henry

Faraday James W. Killed, Chancellorsville May 4, '63.

French, James W. Wounded, Gettysburg July 3, '63.

Gause, George W. April 9, '65

Gorman, Robert B. April 9, '65

Gramlin, J. W. Discharged from Fort Delaware prison.

Grandy, Mike K.

Gray, Edward

Hall, L. H. Imprisoned, Fort Delaware.

Hargrove, Samuel T.

Hart, John R. Sergeant.

Hartsfield, Moses Wounded, Bristow Station Oct. 14, '63.

Harvey, Mike L.

Henby, James T. Mar. '61 Shot at Sharpsburg, Maryland, disabled and discharged.'63.

Hicks, S. J. Died, Fort Delaware prison,'63.

Hinson, John H.

Holland, Thomas Killed, Chancellorsville, May 5,'63.

Holt, Asa H. April 9, '65

Holt, Christopher C.

Horne, H. M. April 9, '65

Howell, John W. Wounded, Gettysburg, July 3, '63.

Isler, D. C. Wounded, Gettysburg July 3.'63.

Isler, Fredrick W.

Isler, John F. April 9, '65

Isler Thomas J. April 9, '65

Isler, W. M. April 9, '65

Isler, W. M. April'62-April 9, '65

Jenkins, Samuel M. April 9, '65 Wounded and captured, paroled from prison.

Johnson, James W.

Jones, Charles S.

Jones, William L. Killed At Gettysburg July 3,'63.

Kyle, Christopher C. Mar. '62 Discharaed June, '63 from Fort Delaware prison.

Kyle, C. C. Jr. Imprisoned at fort Delaware.

Lee, John A.

Levy, Alfed

Levy, David Corporal

Levy, Henry

Levy, Richard

Livingston, J. F. April 9, '65

Maxwell, Francis Oliver '62 Died, Richmond Va., Nov. 14.'62.

Mobley Robert S. May, '62 Wounded, Chancellorsville May 4,'63; paroled.

Norris, Henry H. April 9, '65 Wounded, Gettyburg July 3,'63.

Oliver, Arvin Killed Gettysburg July 3,'63.

Oliver, James April 9, '65 1st Sergeant

Owens, Calvin S. Corporal

Page, Benjamin F. April 9, '65 Promoted Corporal, Wounded Gettysburg July 3, '63.

Page, James J.

Page, John W.

Page, Sherod P.

Pittman, William

Pitts, Joseph

Purvis, John N. Died at Staunton,Va. Sept. 18,'62; of pneumonia.

Redd, Toliver C.

Redd, Washington W.

Renfro, Jameu P.

Rickerson, Jsmes M.

Roberts, Richard

Roberts, Robert E.

Roberts, William

Robinson, Larkin April '65 Shot at Petersburg Oct. 9,'64.

Russell, Daniel W. Imprisoned at Fort Delswsre.

Russell, Jesse Daniel Mar.15, '62-April 9, '65 Wounded, Gettysburg July '63;

captured and imprisoned at Fort Delaware.

Scott, Allen April 9,'65 Wounded, Petersburg Va.

Seott, John R. April 9,'65

Smith, R. B. Mar.11, '62-April 9,'65 Shot, Chancellorsville May 3, '63.

Smith, W. D. Wounded, Gettysburg July 3,'63.

Stanford, H. Wounded, Gettysburg July 3.'63.

Sutton, John A. Mar.15' 62-April 9, '65 Wounded, GettsPburg July 3,'63.

Sutton, S. M. April 9, '65 Wounded, Gettysburg July 3,'63.

Thomas, W. H April 9, '65

Tomberlin, James E. April 9, '65

Tomberlin, Samuel April 9,'65

Troup, George. H

Verris, Farnwell W.

Walters, William H.

Watkins, Robert M.

White, A. J. April 9, '65 Wounded, Gettysburg July 3.'63.

White, S. H. Killed, Gettysburg July 3,'63.

Whitley, Thomas April 9, '65 Corporal.

Wilson, James B.

Wiggins, Dan April 1,'62-April 9,'65 Wounded severely. Gettysburg July 3, '63

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