The Twins and the Jaguars: Verse-Analysis of a Napo Quichua Myth-Narrative


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Verna Grefa tells about the Twins.

Verna Grefa
Ongota/Dos Rios

Verna Grefa tells the story about the birth and childhood of the Twins and how they defeat the jaguars with a bridge-trap over the Napo river.


A photograph of the puma yuyu plant.

Puma Yuyu
Campo Cocha
A photograph of the puma yuyu plant (Teliostacha lanceolata), which connects people with mythical jaguar energy. Note how curves of the leaves resemble a jaguar's tail.

Photograph of Fermin Shiguango's mother.

Jaguar Woman
Campo Cocha
Photograph of Fermin Shiguango's mother, a woman reported to have turned into a jaguar upon her death.

Artistic map of three petroglyph sites.

Geography of the Jaguar Myth

Artistic map depicting the three petroglyph sites mentioned in the twins and jaguars stories.

Escape of the pregnant jaguar.

Jaguar Death

Color pencil drawing of the crucial scene of the Twins and Jaguars story: the Twins pull the ropes holding the bridge and the jaguars fall into the Napo river. One pregnant jaguar gets away, allowing the animals to survive.