Setmaker & pSetmaker download site
Musical set-theoretic manipulation software for Macintosh and Windows

Prof. Michael Buchler
Florida State University College of Music
Department of Music Theory and Composition

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Setmaker for Macintosh (runs through the Terminal program--found in Programs/Utilities) Setmaker for pre-Intel Macintoshes (Carbon) Setmaker for Windows
pSetmaker for pre-Intel Macintoshes (Carbon) pSetmaker for Windows

Setmaker features a host of tools for working with pitch-class sets (where octaves are equivalent). One can view a wide variety of set properties, combine subsets into larger sets, view subsets of supersets (and even mutual supersets), view all sets that have certain interval-class features, check transformational (including split transformational) mappings of one set (not set class) onto another, and compare multiple sets using a wide variety of pc-based similarity measures. Setmaker works with both Forte's and Rahn's prime form algorithms.

pSetmaker is a new program that allows one to investigate the intervallic properties of pitch sets (where octaves are non-equivalent). It shows the spacing and interval-class vectors of psets, where interval classes range from zero up to the largest (boundary) interval of the set. It also shows the degree to which each interval is saturated and provides an original similarity measure (pSATSIM) for comparing two psets in a relatively cardinality-neutral manner.

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