Michael Buchler
"Relative Saturation of Subsets and Interval Cycles as a Means for Determining Set-Class Similarity." Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Rochester, 1998.

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The text and examples/figures/appedices are printed in separate volumes. In order to maintain the same pagination (for the sake of citation and consistency), it will be necessary to open both volume I and II to read this dissertation.


Opening Pages (Cover, tables of contents for both volumes, lists of tables, etc.)

Volume I, text

Volume II, examples, figures, appendices

Chapter 3, Example 3.1: Stravinksy, Three Pieces for Clarinet Solo, mvt. 1

Chapter 4, Example 4.1: Messiaen, "Le Merle Noir" from Petites esquisses d'oiseaux


Messiaen example used by permission of Alphonse Leduc and Company (see p. iv of opening pages for full acknowledgment).