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I've decided to start in on maintaining this website (which works and looks best in Firefox), since I've found some free time with my new job. But this site will mostly just be a reference to all of my uploaded materials that I post about elsewhere (see: Blogs, Music, et al.).

--Justin DLC

About Me

I was born and spent my first five years in Lorain, Ohio. I was then raised in Melbourne, Florida, where I attended Eau Gallie High School. I  played in the band (french horn) and studied a variety of things, including Latin. Afterwards, I attended Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida for my two bachelors in Psychology and Humanities.

Now I work at FSU. I used to write and edit for the FSView & Florida Flambeau (FSU's student newspaper), and now I continue my writing online with musicomh.com. I enjoy my current job very much and am contemplating what I should work at in the future.

Currently, my favorite time-wasters are music, movies, and the Internet. I also enjoy books from time to time.

Right now I have at least minimal involvement with the following organizations:

  • Florida State University's Deparment of History - A real ace place in terms of academics, staff... everything, pretty much.
  • MusicOMH.com - A great site based in London and full of music reviews and interviews. Also includes sections on film, theatre, opera, and other things.
  • Bombardiers - A premiere group based out of Tallahassee, Florida. (R.I.P. March - June 2008)

There are other things here and there, but for more information, please consult the buttons to the left of this page. I will add things to this site as I develop them or think about it -- like a comic strip I've been thinking about doing for about a year now. Maybe, maybe not.


03.April.2008: Now Internet Explorer-compatible.
14.April.2008: Now quote-tastic (upper right of each page).
15.April.2008: Music section rockin' and Rick Rollin'!
21.April.2008: Contact page now sportin' links to all my online identities.
23.April.2008: The Site Credits section is now up on the Links page.
23.May.2008: Added the amazing Google Chatback (see sidebar & contact page).
30.May.2008: Spruced up buttons with help from here and icons from here.
09.June.2008: Sweet Favicon culled from Wiki. More info here.

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