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Joseph Connors


My research is in the broader field of political economy. Current research is focused on how economic and political institutions impact those living in extreme and moderate poverty. Cronyism, rent seeking, and political entrepreneurship are the focus of new research.

“The Crash of 2008: Causes and Lessons to Be Learned” (with J. D. Gwartney). Social Education. 73(2) 2009: 63-67.

“Is Capitalism Exploitative?” In Anne Bradley and Hugh Whelchel, ed., Critiques of Capitalism, forthcoming.

“Economic Freedom and Global Poverty” (with J. D. Gwartney). In Mark D. White, ed., Accepting the Invisible Hand. New York: Palgrave Macmillian, 2010.

Policy Papers and Book Reviews
“Cronyism, Economic Freedom, and Human Flourishing,” Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics, forthcoming.

Review of “Free Our Markets: A Citizens’ Guide to Essential Economics” by Howard Jr. Baetjer, Independent Review, 19(1) 2014.

“Economic Freedom and the Path to Flourishing,” (with Anne Bradley). Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics, 2013.

“Income Mobility: An Economic and Biblical Perspective,” Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics, 2013.

“The Scope of Government and the Wealth of Nations Revisited” (with S. W. Norton). Hastert Center Public Policy Series, August 2012.

Working Papers

“Determinants of Life Satisfaction: Religious Beliefs and Economic and Political Freedom”

“Institutional Trinity: Economic, Political, and Religious Freedom”

“Economic Institutions and Global Poverty”

“Economic Freedom, Democracy, and Economic Performance”

“The Supporting Role of Democracy in Reducing Global Poverty”

“Foreign Aid and Global Poverty”

“Regularizing and Augmenting the World Bank Poverty Rates”
  The complete poverty dataset is listed below.


Regularized and augmented World Bank poverty dataset (Poverty.xlsx)