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a pilot virtual campus project

Joseph Clark, PhD
Office of Distance Learning

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About This Project:

In my application for professional development leave for Spring 2017, I proposed to develop a virtual campus pilot for the Office of Distance Learning at FSU, to exist in a public-access MUVE that contains simulations, structures, and spaces for interaction via voice and text chat. This page provides information about the project and instructions (below) for accessing the virtual campus. Important: this is a draft project. The virtual campus is NOT an official FSU space at present. Construction details may change without notice, and the project space is open to the public without access controls.

From the project proposal:

Florida State University continues to explore new instructional technologies that attract and engage students, provide outreach, and expand the range of teaching practice. The Office of Distance Learning is an advance agent for technologies and techniques that promote learning in online environments and at a distance.

One such online learning technology is the Multiuser Virtual Environment (MUVE). While several projects at FSU have explored the use of these in specific contexts, since the closure of the iSpace FSU sim in Second Life several years ago, there has been no general “virtual campus” to link these ongoing activities, explore new applications, and create a sustained presence. MUVEs and related virtual-reality technology continue to evolve through popular user-constructed games like MineCraft and technologies like the Oculus Rift headset and Unity virtual-worlds software, and research on the educational affordances of MUVEs is regularly published in academic journals.

The project benefits FSU and the Office of Distance Learning by providing an engaging meeting and demonstration space for distance students that utilizes this evolving medium and provides distance students with a ‘virtual campus experience’ when they cannot attend the physical campus. This project also provides an opportunity for me to continue my research program on the MUVE medium in a sustained and concentrated manner (see 2014 dissertation, The Construction of "Nature" in the Virtual World Second Life).

The full project report and proposal may be viewed here.


Note: As of January 29, 2018, the campus is offline. OAR and other files have been archived for possible future re-use. For other examples of my virtual-worlds work, please visit Tallahassee Beach.