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Office of Distance Learning
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Publication/Presentation Highlights (see CV for more; Profiles at left include many full texts):

Book chapter, "Selling With Gaia: Advertising and the Natural World" in Rust, S., Monani, S. & Cubitt, S. (Eds.) (2015) Ecomedia: Key Issues. New York: Routledge.

Paper, "Gods and Colonists: Putting the Earth in multiuser virtual worlds." Conference on Communication and the Environment, Boulder, June 2015.

Panelist, "North Florida Water Warriors: Rhetorical strategies of Suwannee Basin water activists." Conference on Communication and the Environment, Boulder, June 2015.

Invited speaker, "Distance Learning at FSU: Overview of Services." Center for the Promotion of Excellence in Higher Education / Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, Kyoto University, February 2015.

Presentation, "Second Nature: Using Virtual Environments to Learn about Real Ones." League of Environmental Educators in Florida Annual Conference, St. Marks, October 2014.

Paper, "Commodifying Heaven: Political Economy and Ecojustice Impact of Multiuser Virtual Worlds." Conference on Communication and the Environment, Uppsala, June 2013.

Panelist, "Transmedia and Transreality: Environmental Discourse in Virtual and Augmented Realities." Conference on Communication and the Environment, Uppsala, June 2013.

Presentation, "Virtual Environments and Real Environments." Environmental Education Alliance of Georgia, Athens, March 2013.

Paper, "Remediating the Stars: Rob Wright's Watch the World(s) Machinima." National Communication Association, Orlando, November 2012. Top Paper Award, Theatre, Film and New Multimedia Division.

Paper, "Rebranding the 'Redneck Riviera': The St. Joe Company and the Political Economy of the Florida Panhandle." Florida Communication Association, Orlando, October 2012.

Multimedia/visual-rhetoric project, "Pining: Convergence, Circulation, and Re-mediation." Language and Ecology Research Forum, April 2012.

Paper, "Multiuser Virtual Environments and Climate-Change Activism." Union for Democratic Communications, Tallahassee, May 2012.

Excellence Award, 3D Animation and Motion Picture Category, for Virtual Florida (machinima project), Digitech 2012, Florida State University, March 2012.

Journal Article, "The Environmental Semiotics of Second Life: Reading the Splash Aquatics Store." Graduate Journal of Social Science 8(3), December 2011.

Conference Proceedings, "Majora Carter's "Greening the Ghetto" TED Talk." Conference on Communication and the Environment, El Paso, Texas, June 2011.

Book chapter, "Second Chances: Depictions of the Natural World in Second Life" in Enslinn, A. & Muse, E. (Eds.) (2011) Creating Second Lives: Community, Identity and Spatiality as Constructions of the Virtual. New York: Routledge.

Paper, "Superman Never Made Any Money: Superheroes in Second Life." Eastern Communication Association, Arlington, Virginia, April 2011.

Invited keynote at the conference The Role of Learning and Teaching Centers in the Development of University Education, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, January 2011.

Invited speaker, "Environmental Learning in Second Life." , a conference sponsored by the Department of Information Studies at Åbo Akademi University, Turku, Finland, October 2010.

Conference Proceedings (with Lindsay Clark), Brave new world: Environmental Design and Emerging Technologies. Environmental Design Research Association, Washington, May 2010.

Panel Respondent, Reconsidering Cyborg Identity. Gender Studies Division, Southern States Communication Association, Memphis, April 2010.

Conference Proceedings, Virtually Queer: Subjectivity Across Gender Boundaries in Second Life - revisited. Digital Performativity: Generative Directions in Gender and Performance Studies, Southern States Communication Association, Memphis, April 2010.

News: In January 2019, I started heading up the Assessment & Testing unit.

I'm a consultant in instructional technology and online learning with the FSU Office of Distance Learning, where I've worked since 2000 with a team whose goal is to promote online instructional quality across the entire university. Unlike many people in this line of work, my discipline is Communication.

I combined my interests in environmental communication and new media in my 2014 dissertation on the circulation of ideas about "Nature" in and around the multiuser virtual environment of Second Life. I've published and presented research on Florida's environmental history, "Nature" in advertising, visual rhetoric and new media, gender performance, and related areas within a qualitative, critical/culture studies tradition (highlights at right). I'm a founding and supporting member of the International Environmental Communication Association and served as the publications director for the Environmental Communication Division of the National Communication Association in 2014-15. I've been honored with invitations by universities in Finland, Japan, and Saudi Arabia to speak on faculty development, online course design, and new communication technologies.

Earlier in my career I bounced around a wide variety of work experiences in both science and humanities, from mechanical engineering and statistical process control (I'm IBM certified in the latter) in the manufacturing industry to teaching Theatre for junior-high schoolers. I've taught Creative Writing and Public Speaking to community college students and Computer Essentials to senior citizens; performed troubleshooting on interactive laserdisc-based training systems in Florida's prisons (as staff, not inmate); edited newsletters for nonprofit organizations; coded graphical user interfaces from scratch; and ridden in firetrucks during job-task analysis projects. Along the way, I've been honored with awards for academic papers, machinima, weird fiction, scholarly achievement, and quality performance. My photography has been used by the Nature Conservancy, the Tampa Tribune, and Wikipedia.

I live in Tallahassee with my wife, a university librarian who shares my interest in travel, nature, live music, and craft beer. She, my two daughters, and my grandchildren are the best things that ever happened to me. Whenever possible, I am near, on, in, or under the water.

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