John R. Hamman

Associate Professor of Economics

Department of Economics

Florida State University

113 Collegiate Loop

Tallahassee, FL 32306-2180

Office: BEL 272
Phone: (850) 645-9290
Fax: (850) 644-4535
jhamman [at] fsu [dot] edu

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Published and Forthcoming Articles:

“Fool Me Once: An Experiment on Credibility and Leadership,” 2020
with David Cooper and Roberto Weber
forthcoming in the Economic Journal
working paper version
online appendix
Blog post from the University of East Anglia here.

“Political Accountability and Democratic Institutions: An Experimental Assessment,” 2020
with Jose Gabriel Castillo
forthcoming in the Journal of Experimental Political Science
working paper version

“Personality Traits and Endogenous Group Formation,” 2019
with James Ahloy
Revue Economique, Vol 70, No. 6: 999-1020.
working paper version
online appendix

“Market Interaction and Prosocial Behavior: An Experimental Study,” 2018
with Sean Collins and John Lightle
Southern Economic Journal , Vol. 84, No. 3: 692-715.
working paper version

“Dependency Status and Demand for Social Insurance: evidence from experiments and surveys,” 2017
with John Ahlquist and Bradley Jones
Political Science Research and Methods, Vol. 5, No. 1: 31-53.
working paper version

“Delegated bargaining in a competitive agent market: an experimental study,” 2016
with Amy Choy, Ronald King and Roberto Weber
Journal of the Economic Science Association, Vol. 2, No. 1: 22-35.
working paper version

“Intermediaries in Corruption,” 2014
with Mikhail Drugov and Danila Serra
Experimental Economics, Vol. 17, Issue 1: 78-99. 
working paper version

“An Experimental Investigation of Electoral Delegation and the Provision of Public Goods,” 2011
with Roberto Weber and Jonathan Woon,
American Journal of Political Science, Vol. 55, No. 4: 738-752. 
working paper version

“Self-Interest through Delegation: An Additional Rationale for the Principal-Agent Relationship,” 2010
with George Loewenstein and Roberto Weber,
American Economic Review
, Vol. 100, No. 4: pp. 1826-1846. 
working paper version

“Solving Coordination Failure with All-or-None Group Level Incentives,” 2007
with Scott Rick and Roberto Weber,
Experimental Economics
, Vol. 10, No. 3: pp. 285-303. 
working paper version

Manuscripts Under Review:

“Reflection and Risk: An Experiment on Managerial Traits and Organizational Structure,” 2019
with Miguel Martinez-Carrasco
online appendix

Work in Progress:

“Can Honest Leaders Restore Ethical Conduct?,”
with Fabio Galeotti

“Would I Lie to You? An experiment on project selection with biased advice,”
with Miguel Martinez-Carrasco and Eric Schmidbauer

“Coordination Stability in Unstable Groups,”
with Ernesto Reuben

“Restoring Fairness in Heirarchies: An Experimental Study of Individual and Organizational Mechanisms,”
with Peter Kriss, and Roberto Weber

“Social Preferences in Coordination”

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