Juan Carlos Galeano


Juan Carlos Galeano is a professor of undergraduate/ graduate courses in the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics at Florida State University. The courses he teaches range from Spanish language to Spanish American literature and more specialized courses on Spanish American Poetry and Amazonian Studies.

Courses Taught

SPN 3400
Spanish Reading and Comprehension
SPW 3030
Approaching Hispanic Literature
SPW 3493
Readings form Modern Spanish America
SPW 3520
Cultures of Latin America
SPN 4540
Regional Cultural Studies: Journey to Amazonia
SPN 4540/SPW 6934
Literary Amazonia. Topics in Hispanic Language and Literature/Regional Cultural Studies
SPW 6934
Politics and Poetry in Hispanic Cultuure
SPW 8964
Tutorial on Contemporary Colombian Poetry
SPW 6934/SPW 4140
Poetics of Hispanic Love and Violence
SPW 8964
Tutorial on Contemporary Colombian Poetry
SPW 6934
Twentieth Century Colombian Poetry
SPW 6939
Seminar on Octavio Paz

Pollen and Rifles

Polen y escopetas

Polen y escopetas: la poesía de 'la violencia' en Colombia. Santafé de Bogotá: Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 1997.

This book analyzes the committed poetic production of Colombian poets from members of the generation of 'los Nuevos' of 1920 to the 'Nadaísta' poets of the 1960s.


Desarmando el silencio

Charles Simic

Desarmando el silencio. Translated by Juan Carlos Galeano. Guadalajara, México: Editorial Paraíso perdido, 2006.

Translations and a comprehensive selection of the poetry of Charles Simic, an American poet whose incisive and clear imagery provides a disturbing representation of contemporary societies.

Los muertos y los vivos

Sharon Olds

Los muertos y los vivos. Translated by Juan Carlos Galeano. Caracas, Venezuela: Fondo Editorial Pequeña Venecia. 2001.

Poems of this book include the portrayal of lovers, parents, relatives, children from a Feminine perspective, to the Hispanic world.

Florida State University International Programs

Galeano and student: Amazon, 2014

Galeano and student: Peruvian Amazon, 2014. Natural history project.

map of the amazon

Map of the Amazon

Juan Carlos Galeano's Journey into Amazonia.

Juan Carlos Galeano, along with Rebecca Galeano (FSU College of Education), is the director of the Service/Learning program Journey into Amazonia, a summer program in Iquitos, Peruvian Amazon.

This is a program designed for students who would like to experience life in the Amazon while working in service learning fieldwork. While taking a course about cultures of the Amazon basin, students will do volunteer work in Iquitos and in nearby riverine peasant and indigenous communities on the Amazon, Nanay and Itaya rivers.

In addition to classes and activities conducted by Florida State faculty, students participate in the daily life of the Iquiteños by living in homestays and learning simultaneously from specialized Peruvian professionals. These professionals present an overview of important topics related to culture and development in the region: indigenous cultures, health and medical issues, ethnobotany, forestry and sustainable practices and the cultural arts.

Student participants will take the course SPN 4540 Regional Cultural Studies: Journey into Amazonia. Within the frameworks written and oral narratives produced since the arrival of Europeans and theoretical accounts, this course examines cultural encounters between native inhabitants of the Amazon and newcomers. It analyzes the varied representations of the area and the relationships between indigenous, mestizo and recent arrivals to their environment. Interactive research projects in connection to urban and rural Amazonians and the observation of their daily lives and practices will facilitate an awareness of ancient sustainable practices and reveal significant changes that have occurred with the arrival of modern ideas and changes to the region. This course and all related activities will be conducted in Spanish. May be repeated to a maximum of six semester hours.

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